The 2022 Data Governance Trends in Healthcare, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals

February 14th, 2022

“Data governance is the key for us to get greater value and insight across multiple data domains and data sources… Enterprise data governance enables us to move from a siloed functional strategy and tools to aligned enterprise data strategy based on collaboration and consistent tools. It really helps us treat data as an enterprise asset.” – Venk Dakshin, Alexion

Data governance in healthcare is an enabling force that offers continuous improvement to all functions of the business, from R&D to supply chain to sales and marketing.

Hence, we partnered with DATAVERSITY® in the Spring of 2021 to gain insights about cloud data governance by asking a wide range of data professionals (397 in total) about their experiences with data governance, specifically cloud governance.

Download this latest eBook to learn:

  • Latest insights, grounded in the analysis of a focused survey on cloud data governance
  • The trends that are driving healthcare, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals firms to invest in data governance tools
  • Real-world case studies of organizations overcoming business challenges through data governance


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