The 2022 Data Governance Trends In Financial Services

December 20th, 2021


When you think about banking, you imagine a lot of money flowing. It’s actually data that’s flowing, not money. But the tight governance and control you imagine a bank putting around the money, is the same you need for the flow of data.” Leilani Moll, Bremer’s VP of Analytics and Data Services

Data Governance is a critical component to ensuring a company is compliant with privacy laws and regulations alongside providing their data citizens with secure self-service access to trusted and quality data. In this rapidly changing, data-driven landscape, how can traditional banks compete while managing risk? 

Hence, we partnered with Dataversity in the Spring of 2021 to gain insights about cloud data governance by asking a wide range of data professionals about their experiences with data governance, specifically cloud governance.

Download this eBook for survey findings from the finance, insurance, and banking respondents.



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