The Cloud DataOps eBook

December 1st, 2020

Navigating cloud data management through end-to-end data operations

cloud dataops

A Successful Cloud DataOps Approach

Many organizations today face challenges with data sprawl and increasingly complex data ecosystems. These challenges may become even more complicated when transitioning to the cloud. At Zaloni, we take a DataOps approach to data management, providing a single pane of glass view across your end-to-end data supply chain. DataOps simplifies management and governance across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With a spike in cloud migration, some significant factors, considerations, and benefits come into play when managing data in the cloud. Helping companies efficiently migrate to the cloud ignited the flame for Zaloni’s latest informational venture, The Cloud DataOps eBook. What’s inside, you ask?

  • Learn the basics of cloud or multi-cloud-based data architectures and how it can be an ideal data management solution for your company
  • Gain an understanding of how a DataOps approach can optimize your cloud data management to reduce costs and accelerate insights
  • Discover the key considerations when choosing cloud technologies and designing a cloud migration strategy
  • Attain the knowledge and confidence needed to apply or pitch DataOps strategies to your organization
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