AWS Data Lake for Successful Cloud DataOps

December 9th, 2020

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What is a Cloud Data Lake?

Elastic Compute and DataOps to Optimize Your Cloud Environment

AWS Cloud Data Management: Conquer your Data Sprawl

Multi-Cloud Data Management: Greater Visibility, No Lock-In

Migrating On-Premises Data Lakes to Cloud



Manage all your structured and unstructured data at scale on AWS with Zaloni


Take the leap into a Data Lake

Store data in any format in a centralized, curated, and secure data lake on AWS with Zaloni’s Arena DataOps platform.


Use custom analytics solutions built by APN Partner

Rest easy with multiple levels of security, encryption, and governance

Pay for only the computer and storage that you use

Realize the power of your Data

Leverage Arena DataOps Platform to bring in all your data and quickly populate an AWS Data Lake with a zone-based data architecture intertwined with a DataOps management approach to deliver governed data pipelines and control at each step of the data supply chain.



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