AWS DataOps Solution: Zaloni® Now Available in AWS Marketplace

Avatar photo Team Zaloni December 10th, 2019

Durham, NC – December 10th, 2019 – Zaloni®, a leader in cloud data management, announced today that the Zaloni Arena DataOps platform is now available in AWS Marketplace. Availability in AWS Marketplace helps companies quickly and cost-effectively implement the Zaloni Arena on Amazon Web Services (AWS) by providing a seamless procurement and deployment process. AWS DataOps are streamlined and analytics are accelerated with Zaloni®.

Enterprises need a high-performing and cost-efficient data architecture that supports the demand for data access while providing the data governance and management capabilities required by IT. Zaloni® facilitates valuable, efficient analytics through AWS by proving an overall pipeline view that connects and manages data across sources, warehouses, and BI tools. Zaloni® provides data governance and accessibility through an augmented data catalog, detailed data lineage, and self-service provisioning that delivers trusted data to analysts and applications.

“Companies moving to the cloud are choosing AWS to benefit from cost-effective on-demand processing and storage scalability,” said Susan Cook, CEO of Zaloni®. “With the Zaloni Arena platform, we provide customers with a way to manage data across the enterprise – including data on-premises – and enable self-service access while maintaining governance throughout the process.”

Zaloni®’s availability in AWS Marketplace makes it easy for companies to set up, operate, and scale their data lakes using native AWS components with pay-as-you-go pricing and provides:

  • An intuitive UI that makes it easy to ingest, manage, and govern data across environments.
  • Active data catalog with self-service preparation and provisioning capabilities through a shopping cart experience, providing trusted data access.

For companies new to AWS DataOps, Zaloni® seamlessly provisions data to AWS so companies can migrate to AWS right away.

Availability in AWS Marketplace furthers the relationship between Zaloni® and AWS. Zaloni® is an Advanced Technology Partner in the AWS Partner Network (APN) and has attained AWS Big Data Competency status by demonstrating deep expertise, technical proficiency, and proven success in helping customers achieve their data goals.

For more information: visit and read our recent blog post on the AWS Partner Network on how to turn data into a key enterprise asset.

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