Zaloni® achieves AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency

Avatar photo Team Zaloni January 19th, 2021

AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Zaloni®, fulfills Digital Customer Experience Competency for the Arena platform.

Zaloni®, an award-winning leader in data management, today announced their latest accomplishment with Amazon Web Services (AWS), achieving AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency status. The AWS Competency designation recognizes Zaloni’s DataOps platform, Arena™ for helping companies achieve their digital customer experience initiatives through unified DataOps. In addition to AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency, Zaloni® has achieved AWS Data and Analytics Competency status, specializing in data governance, and the Arena platform is offered in AWS Marketplace.

To receive AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency status in the Customer 360 category, AWS Partners undergo a meticulous technical validation review process related to current industry-specific technology and the company’s expertise with AWS. This AWS Competency certifies Zaloni® as an AWS Partner that provides technical proficiency with proven customer success associated with Customer 360 data initiatives.

The Arena platform helps companies overcome their customer data challenges such as integrating disparate data sources, ensuring privacy and security and delivering quality, trusted data. Arena’s DataOps provides end-to-end visibility and control of the data supply chain to improve efficiency, reduce costs and accelerate time to analytics. For companies working on customer data initiatives, Arena provides:

●    Streamlined onboarding of customer data from various internal and external sources
●    Automated data profiling and classification identifies and obfuscates sensitive data
●    Machine learning-powered data mastering matches and merges disparate customer data to create customer golden records

“Zaloni® prides itself on Arena’s ability to adapt to any data architecture or platform,” explains Zaloni®’s CEO, Susan Cook. “For years now, we have been implementing our software to manage and govern AWS-based data environments, and today marks an AWS Partner milestone with the achievement of the AWS Digital Customer Experience Competency designation. We look forward to working with more organizations to accomplish their customer data initiatives.”

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