A leading luxury retailer and distributor for beauty, fashion and gift brands in the Middle East manages over 700 retail stores in the UAE. The company knew they could advertise, communicate, and engage customers more effectively if they could unify their various data silos into one, 360 view of each customer. The company faced challenges with data sprawl and integration complexity. The need to begin unifying data across the business was apparent.

Unifying Data Silos

Challenge: Chalhoub has multiple brands that manage their own CRM, e-commerce and loyalty systems. They needed to build a centralized customer data hub across all of its brands and retail stores that allowed the brands to share customer data but function independently. In order to achieve this, they needed to unify data across disconnected customer data sources into a centralized platform with the ability to improve data quality, de-duplicate and match data sets to get a full 360 view of the customer at the group level. They wanted the flexibility to quickly add new data sources as they become available. Additionally, they wanted to provide self-service access to the 360 views to data scientists and analysts. 

Solution: Using Arena, the company architected and deployed a cloud-based, centralized data hub on Microsoft Azure that provided data mastering, powered by a machine learning engine, to identify unique keys that tied data to an individual for accurate customer golden records. These customer golden records were enriched with additional data to create a 360 customer view and delivered to data scientists and analysts through a governed, self-service data catalog for valuable analytics.

Results: The company’s best-in-class data management facilitates advanced analytics for powerful customer insights. Marketing programs, sales campaigns, and customer acquisition efforts have greater relevance and success rates, resulting in increased customer lifetime value and greater revenue for their stores, brands and luxury experiences.

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