A large international quick-serve company with 27,000 restaurants spanning across 100 countries and U.S. territories and accumulating about $32 billion in sales annually. The company continues to prove itself as one of the world’s largest growing quick-service restaurant companies. However, implementing various customer reward programs across their three brands and monstrous amounts of transactional information processed daily, the company needed a way to effectively manage their data to better understand their customers’ needs.



The company faced challenges unifying their customer data across all 3 of their restaurant brands to understand current and future consumer behavior. To achieve their unification goal, the company had to ingest data from 4 different channels, storing various customer and transactional data and relocating the collected data to Amazon S3 buckets. Once the data is properly sourced, the company wanted to embark on their Customer 360 initiative by matching and merging their customer data through data mastering and producing customer golden records for each customer.



The company chose Zaloni®’s DataOps platform, Arena, to unify their customer data across multiple sources and to utilize Arena’s machine-learning-powered data mastering capabilities to create customer golden records. To have a clear understanding of customer behavior with the data at hand, Zaloni® discovered, cataloged, and ingested data from various sources and data stores into Amazon S3. Zaloni® operationalized technical, operational, and business metadata for data governance, data quality, data privacy, and provided seamless integration with their customer data platform (CDP). Once the customer data was standardized and qualified for use, Arena’s data mastering unified customer data from all sources. 17 different metrics were requested by the company to discover ties between unified and mastered customer data in addition to any linked transactions within a given data set. Arena users were then able to access these records in a self-service manner inside the platform’s data marketplace.



The company achieved 360 views of their customers with Zaloni® Arena’s data mastering feature and golden record creation, which allowed them to understand current and future customer behavior and better serve their consumer base through innovative marketing campaigns and loyalty programs. The self-service access to customer golden records in Arena’s data marketplace provided the company’s data citizens with reliable and high-quality data that improved comprehensive reporting and advanced analytics for the company. By unifying their disparate data across all three restaurant brands, the company’s data-driven decision-making improves customer retention and marketing effectiveness.


case study at a glance
At a Glance

  • Challenge
  • Unifying customer data across 27,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries
  • Ingesting data from multiple channels into Amazon S3
  • Solution
  • Operationalized metadata for data governance, cataloging and seamless integration with CDP
  • ML-powered data mastering for identity resolution and golden record creation
  • Results
  • Self-service access for data consumers improved comprehensive reporting and advanced analytics
  • Customer golden records for unified 360 view of customers