Tigo Colombia, a subsidiary of the international telecommunications company, Millicom, wanted to build a modern data architecture by implementing a data lake to support scalability in multiple analytics use cases, including Customer 360 and regulatory compliance. Tigo dealt with many of today’s common data obstacles, including data sprawl, ensuring data security, unifying siloed data, and providing self-service access to end-users. 


Tigo faced challenges unifying siloed data across various CRM and ERP systems, Oracle databases, and Amazon S3 sources, which resulted in a lack of visibility, reliability, and security. Slow data retrieval for end-users, like data analysts and scientists, produced stale reporting and analytic insights. Tigo also needed to ensure data security and regulatory compliance, so building an environment that supported data governance scalability while providing fast data delivery to end-users was essential. 


Zaloni® designed and implemented a data lake using Zaloni®’s DataOps Platform, Arena. Arena provides end-to-end management and governance of the data supply chain from source to consumer through an augmented catalog, automated governance, and self-service consumption. Arena’s collaboration features allow users to share and annotate data, improving productivity and data confidence. 

The data lake was built using Zaloni®’s EndZone Governance™ architectural approach to provide data lineage, security, de-identification, and role-based access controls at different stages of the data lifecycle. Using Arena, Tigo built repeatable, automated workflows to ingest data into a protected raw zone then process and move data into an additional refined zone accessible for end-users. 

Once Tigo implemented the data lake, the first use case, Customer 360 was achieved by integrating disparate customer data sources to create Customer 360 profiles.  Then, they conducted churn analyses and build retention and cross-sell/up-sell frameworks. Following a completed customer 360 use case, Tigo moved on to the next use case, governance scalability for regulatory compliance, followed by streaming CRM data. 


The agile Arena platform provides the optimal foundation for use case development and expansion by providing a unified view of enterprise-wide data and full control over the end-to-end data supply chain. The agile DataOps platform improved data processing by 40% and provided KPIs in less than half of the time it took previously. For the customer 360 use case, there has been a ~7% increase in revenue for the prepaid cellular business. Tigo continues to implement new value-driving use cases using Arena. 

unifying siloed data

case study at a glance
At a Glance

  • Challenge
  • Achieving multiple governance and analytics use cases
  • Architecting a scalable foundation
  • Solution
  • Centralized data lake
  • End-to-end management and governance
  • Results 
  • Unified view of enterprise data
  • Improved data-related time, cost, and revenue