Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated (NYSE: RGA), a leading reinsurance group in the US, works with clients across the globe to develop customized reinsurance solutions. As one of the largest global life and health reinsurance companies, they provide expert solutions to their clients by delivering long-term value through effective risk and capital management. In order to serve various analytics use cases (such as customer 360-degree views for marketing) they needed to pull together a variety of data from multiple lines of business, including customer data, demographic data as well as third-party insurance industry data. RGA needed to build a centralized data lake and wanted to leverage the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of a cloud environment. Working with Zaloni and AWS, they built a governed data provisioning pipeline that reduced risk while making their data operations more efficient.


RGA was challenged with a complex data environment with data sprawled across multiple lines of business. Data owners were reluctant to share data outside of their department because of a lack of visibility, control and traceability. The goal was to centralize all data in a cloud data lake on AWS and provide governed, self-service data access to internal business users and external business partners through an approval process for provisioning data to analytic environments. RGA also needed a way for the user community to add data into the catalog, in a way that could be trusted through quality checks, in order to enrich existing data sets such as customer records.


Working with Zaloni and AWS, RGA built a governed data provisioning pipeline that reduced risk while making their data operations more efficient and delivered enriched 360-degree views of their customers.

Zaloni cataloged and unified the company’s siloed data sets with Arena on AWS using Amazon EMR. The platform quickly and cost-effectively enabled automated autoscaling and provided data lake hydration through the integration of their customer data sources as well as other data sets from multiple internal and external sources. Arena provided self-service access to business analysts and external business partners through a data catalog, allowing them to quickly find the data they needed A governance process was put in place to allow users to provision their data to their preferred analytic environment. Once a data set was selected, the user would request approval from the data owner. The data owner can accept or decline data provisioning requests from business users and analysts. An accepted request would allow business users or analysts limited-time access to provision that specific data set or analytic environment using Arena. Arena’s automated processes also protected all sensitive data using masking and tokenization to ensure regulatory compliance. Additionally, the governed data provisioning platform provided automated data quality, security, lineage and role-based access controls. 


Zaloni’s data platform, Arena and AWS improved data access across company-wide datasets while staying compliant with regulations, effectively managing and securing sensitive customer data. Through the use of compute autoscaling in AWS, the company actively saves on costs to manage their data lake across the entire enterprise. RGA’s data is now available to a wider audience, driving new analytics use cases and allowing the company to pursue its solution-based mission for its clients. Analytics-ready data delivery to analysts was reduced from three weeks to one hour! With their timely 360-degree customer views, RGA has been able to measure, better understand and optimize their business to improve Customer Lifetime Value (CLV). 

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