“The flexible architecture of the platform and enablement from Zaloni® made it possible for us to deliver this in less than 6 months.” VP Data Strategy, Nuveen 

A premier global investment manager, TIAA Nuveen, helps their clients make responsible investing decisions by taking into consideration a company’s positive impact on the world in relation to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors. The company considers responsible investing an integral part of their history and future and wants to provide better returns for their customers and our planet. 

Challenge: Nuveen wanted to provide a unified view of all data, including ESG related data, to their asset managers and analysts to reduce time to investment management and financial insights. The company had data siloed across the organization and also needed to quickly onboard new ESG related data sets, known alternative data, into a centralized repository, provide data quality checks and provision the data into a single consolidated responsible investing dashboard used by asset managers. Additionally, due to the high cost of the ESG related data sets, the company wanted the ability to preserve raw data sets and TItrack data lineage for future needs. 

Solution: Within 6 months, Zaloni® built a centralized data lake on AWS to serve as the golden copy of all relevant data across the organization using Zaloni® Arena DataOps platform. This included the third-party ESG data sets that were transformed and consolidated into an analytics-ready data set to feed their Responsible Investment platform. Arena allowed the company to ingest, enrich and distribute these data sets to portfolio managers and analysts. Additionally, the platform enabled the company to migrate to an AWS environment and provided metadata management, governance and data lifecycle management. 

Results: The company was able to deliver ESG related data in addition to the traditional asset data to the asset managers and analysts, improving investment returns for their clients while driving positive social and environmental impacts. The company is now seen as a leader and innovator in the Responsible Investing space and was recognized by a leading technology media group with an Award for Enterprise Excellence in IT for their responsible investing platform powered by Arena.


case study at a glance
At a Glance

  • Challenge
  • Onboarding new alternative 3rd party data sources
  • Data duplication across silos and lack of centralized management and governance
  • Solution
  • Centralized data platform for accelerated data integration and provisioning
  • Governed and trusted data for self-service access
  • Results 
  • Increased revenue due to new ESG investment offerings
  • Platform was in production in < 6 months