As one of the largest publishers in North America and a leading provider of end-to-end business process outsourcing, CDS Global wanted to augment its business model by monetizing its 45 years of subscriber data to enable a Customer 360 cloud data lake and simplify its delivery of marketing insights to CDS customers.

Challenge: CDS had decades of valuable subscriber data from its magazines, online subscriptions and marketing materials, untapped and sitting in siloed systems across the organization. CDS was limited by existing hardware and software and was unable to combine these large volumes of internal data with third-party data to provide its customers with access to subscriber data – missing an opportunity to create additional downstream revenue sources. CDS began to go down the path of custom open source development, but found this effort was consuming too much time and too many resources to be sustainable. CDS knew they wanted to leverage the cloud for its cost efficiency and scalability but needed a way to manage and govern their data in the cloud. 

Solution: CDS used Arena on AWS to build a managed and governed cloud-based data lake that provided a scalable, centralized repository for all internal and third party data. In support of the company’s Customer 360 cloud data strategy, the data lake enabled CDS to gather data from all of its systems and manage, track lineage and govern consistently across the enterprise with a single unified data platform. Arena enabled a stable, reliable foundation on which CDS could implement and customize an operational framework according to their data needs. Arena also provided an intuitive, user-friendly system that required minimal customization but was fully extensible to meet customer requirements.

Results: CDS achieved four times the functionality in half the time of building an in-house solution. CDS has also benefited from significant savings due to faster ramp up to using big data technologies, reduced time to market due to insights derived from customer 360 data, and the ability to seamlessly scale data management and analytics at the speed of the business.