Company Overview:

A large bank headquartered in Sweden provides automotive financing services and loan offerings for new or used cars, trucks, and buses for customers throughout Sweden and the EU. The bank is undergoing a digital transformation to provide its customers with innovative financing solutions and progressively serve a more digital and intelligent transportation economy.


The bank’s data warehouse is based on a SQL server, which made it difficult for data citizens to retrieve accurate, timely data, which increased time to insight and resulted in poor quality data for reporting and analytics. Without reliable and clean data, employees don’t have an accurate understanding of their customer base, which is needed to better serve their customers’ current and future needs. Additionally, most data management and data business processes were manually performed by IT. The unequal workload burdened IT teams with time-consuming tasks that could easily be automated to improve overall data pipeline efficiency and better suit all business areas. Another challenge was ensuring that all data was compliant with privacy regulations and policies as the business falls under the highly-regulated financial services and banking sectors.


Understanding the importance of utilizing company data as an asset and striving towards a more data-driven culture, the bank chose Zaloni®’s Arena data governance platform to deliver the data cataloging and governance capabilities required to achieve their data goals. To begin, Zaloni® implemented the initial deployment of Arena in an AWS cloud environment and established a connection between the platform and their on-prem SQL server to start cleaning, provisioning, and cataloging company dealer management data into an organized and certified inventory for the business users to access. A data lake was created to establish proper governance to ensure security and compliance and improve their data pipeline efficiency to increase time to value from their data and accelerate digital transformation within the bank.


Though this is an active project, the installation of the Zaloni® Arena platform is expected to bring invaluable benefits to the bank. The foundation of the modern data platform will be established with privacy by design and privacy by default. The initial data hydration will start by ingesting around 50 entities, applying up to 20 data quality rules on ingested entities, standardizing up to 10 fields of data, and applying approximately 20 transformations. The data lake hydration will ultimately lead to improved data pipeline efficiency and provide the bank’s data citizens with clean, trustworthy, and accurate data that will be used for car exchange analysis and customer consent management. Such data will allow for greater insight into customer behavior, allowing the bank to make data-driven decisions and ultimately increase time to market and value.


case study at a glance
At a Glance

  • Challenge
  • Data Citizens lacked timely and accurate data retrieval from their data warehouse
  • Difficulty understanding of customer base without reliable and clean data
  • Solution
  • Migrate company data from SQL server to AWS Cloud for cleaning and provisioning
  • Implement governance policies and a certified inventory for data citizens
  • Results
  • Improved insight of customer behavior with access to trustworthy and clean data
  • Data pipeline and workflow automation to alleviate pressure on IT teams