Company Overview

Tigo is the biggest commercial brand of Millicom, an international company providing fixed and mobile services in 12 countries with commercial operations in Africa and Latin America and corporate offices in Europe and the USA. Formed from the merger of Navega & Amnet in 2013, Tigo now operates in Nicaragua and works with three other corporate network operators to combine mobile voice, 3G and 4G networks, and cable broadband. Tigo Nicaragua is the leading fixed-mobile operator in the country and has more than 4 million customers on its 4G LTE network.


Tigo Nicaragua wanted to improve efficiency and conduct more sophisticated detecting and tracking of cybercrime in its data environment. With large volumes of data being stored and ingested every day, the customer wanted to find a better way to manage and control their data while staying compliant with regulatory requirements. In addition, Tigo wanted to reduce costs across the board, improve data security, and resolve the pain points of its current data supply chain.


Due to their technical expertise and experience with other Tigo entities, Zaloni became the solution of choice. Using Zaloni’s DataOps platform, Arena, Tigo built an AWS-based data lake to enhance and improve the efficiency of cybercrime detection and tracking applications. With the Arena platform, Call Detail Records (CDR) from the telecom mediation system and customer data from an Oracle on-premises database were ingested into an AWS data lake. Additionally, Arena’s ability to create a transient cluster for EMR allowed for agile, on-demand cloud infrastructure to reduce costs and provide flexibility. This flexibility helped leverage more resources (i.e. compute and storage) on an as-needed basis and provided the much-needed elasticity to process and scale more records.


Nicaragua was the first Tigo location to utilize AWS, making tremendous progress in their digital transformation goals and marking the beginning of a new cloud-based environment for their data. With Zaloni’s Professional Services team leading the project, the Arena platform and its governed DataOps capabilities enabled Tigo to process approximately 20 billion records in their data lake. In addition, Arena’s end-to-end capabilities for data migration, management, and governance ultimately ensured regulatory compliance, secured user access, and aggregated high-quality data for reporting.

case study at a glance
At a Glance

  • Challenge
  • Develop more sophisticated detecting and tracking of cybercrime
  • Improve data security and control while staying compliant with regulatory requirements
  • Solution
  • Zaloni Arena to create EMR transient cluster necessary for an agile, on-demand cloud infrastructure
  • Scalability and elasticity of AWS cloud helped Tigo leverage more resources on an as-needed basis
  • Results
  • Nearly 20 billion records were processed in the data lake created by Zaloni
  • Arena guaranteed regulatory compliance, secure user access, and high-quality data for internal reporting