A globally-renowned professional services firm and one of the Big Four accounting firms in the US provides audit, tax, and Advisory services to leading organizations worldwide. With its vast network of professional firms, the firm works to improve business performance value and develop industry-specific strategies for its customers. With their expertise and multi-disciplinary approach, customers can overcome risk and compliance challenges and unlock transformative opportunities for their business and within their given industry.


The firm was challenged with two migration projects to their existing on-prem environment and Azure cloud environment to ingest their current data in third-party data sources successfully. The installation of the Zaloni® Arena platform and data ingestion processes must be completed within four months to resolve pipeline pain points in the in-house built environments by the project’s 6-month marker. Additionally, with Zaloni® Arena’s unified data management approach and ability to provide the necessary governance and self-service data preparation for end-users, the organization prioritized their Salesforce use case initiative along with other use cases to benefit their customers.


The firm chose Zaloni® for its ability to achieve various use cases and projects that efficiently manage and control their data. The company started installing the Zaloni® Arena platform to begin the data migration process to their existing on-prem environment for UAT-based use cases. To expand upon data migration projects, Zaloni® was also assigned a cloud migration project to install the Arena platform on their existing Azure cloud environment and ingest 3rd party data sources into their data environment. These projects pertain to the 3rd party deliverables and deployment plans: S&P, EVS, SYNC, OpenFGI, Libor Intex.


In the first six months of working with the firm, Zaloni® was able to install and deploy the Arena platform in the company’s on-prem and cloud-based data environments and update existing data pipelines to run more efficiently for designated use cases. With a fast implementation and improved efficiency, the firm experienced quick time to time to insight and utilized the actual value of stored and newly ingested data. Overall, Arena provided the organization’s teams with cost and time savings that not only enhanced team engagement but improved the performance of the company’s entire data landscape.

case study at a glance
At a Glance

  • Challenge
  • Migrating data from third-party sources to existing on-prem and Azure cloud environments
  • Resolve pipeline pain points apart of the in-house built environments within 4 months
  • Solution
  • Zaloni® Arena to provide the tools necessary for successful data ingestion and migration
  • Zone-based governance to ensure compliance and protect customer privacy data
  • Results
  • Resolved existing pipeline pain points to accelerate designated use cases within the first 6 months
  • Identified value from stored and newly ingested data that improved time to insight