UAE-based multinational logistics, courier, and package delivery company is one of the world’s leading logistic transportation services. Providing a range of services, from express courier delivery to record management services; today, the company delivers seamless, innovative, and reliable logistics and delivery service solutions across the globe.

The company was undergoing a digital transformation and faced challenges scaling its data environment at a rate that matched the daily ingestion of live data through its servers, posing a major business challenge for the organization. In addition, the lack of scalability hindered internal reporting for business stakeholders, delaying package location tracking and interrupting customer service initiatives. On the technical side, the company wanted to migrate 4TB of data from their current on-prem relational database to MongoDB. However, with the nature of schema vastly different, the complexity of migrating high volumes of data efficiently from their relational database to MongoDB became a substantial technical challenge. 


Embarking on their digital transformation journey, this global logistics and delivery company chose the Zaloni Arena DataOps platform to efficiently migrate large quantities of live and historical data from their legacy on-prem database to their MongoDB Atlas database to feed real-time data to its end user-facing applications. To maximize the efficiency and accelerate the migration process, the company utilized Arena’s connector capabilities for pulling data and transforming it into MongoDB native format. In addition to the transformation process, Arena validated both historical and live data using specific business rules. 


Zaloni has begun the migration process and has created transformative insights for the company. Using the last six months of company transaction data alone, Zaloni migrated and transformed close to 70 million documents to the required MongoDB format within eight days. With an efficient transformation process and fast data migration to its new cloud-based environment, the company has the data environment scalability needed to improve its tracking application accuracy for end-users and utilize clean and validated live or historical data for improved internal reporting.