Arena Agile Data Mastering for Golden Record Creation 

In any organization, as new data sources emerge from various customer touch points, being able to leverage them to create a master customer record in a unified repository is key towards providing better products and services, and at the same time increasing loyalty and reducing churn. This type of initiative requires creating master records using a Master Data Management (MDM) approach.

In this technical white paper, learn how Arena’s data engine leverages machine learning techniques to create master “golden” records that can be leveraged for customer 360 initiatives. 

Download this paper (use form to the right) to learn:

  • Integrating customer data silos in the absence of unique identifiers
  • Training a machine-learning model for data mastering
  • Creating master records using a proven 3 staged approach 
  • and more!

Also watch the Zaloni webinar: Agile Data Mastering in the Data Lake

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