Strata: Zaloni Recap of the New York 2019 Data Conference

Avatar photo Team Zaloni September 30th, 2019

The Strata Data Conference has come and gone, but our experience from this year’s conference is very much alive. Strata opens eyes to key data management techniques and technologies that keep its attendees in the know of the industry’s current and upcoming data trends. At Zaloni, we’ve put our heads together to choose the top conference highlights in this quick recap blog. 

Our Favorite Strata Sessions

  1. “Executive Briefing: Data catalogs—Concepts, capabilities, and key platforms” 

Presented by Andrew Brust, Blue Badge Insights

“Andrew Brust guides you through the importance of data catalogs, covers the range of data catalog capabilities, and explores the key players and their platforms. Andrew also provides an analysis of where the space is headed and what it will need to provide to address customer needs and pain points. You’ll get up to speed on the subject quickly, and no prior data catalog knowledge is required.”

  1. “Unleash the Power of Data at Scale” 

Presented by Jeremy Rader, Intel

“Jeremy Rader explores Intel’s end-to-end data pipeline software strategy designed and optimized for a modern and flexible data-centric infrastructure that allows for the easy deployment of unified advanced analytics and AI solutions at scale.”

  1. “Architecting a Data Platform for Enterprise Use” 

Presented by Mark Masen, Teradata and Todd Walter, Archimedata

“Mark Madsen and Todd Walter explore design assumptions and principles to apply when building multi-use data infrastructure and walk you through a reference architecture to use as you work to unify your analytics infrastructure.”

Our Session with Nuveen:

“How Nuveen rapidly integrated ESG data to advance its platform value”

Presented by Ben Sharma, Zaloni and Santanu Sengupta, Nuveen

Zaloni’s CEO, Ben Sharma, and Nuveen’s Managing Director of Innovation and Data Science Technology, Santanu Sengupta presented at Strata about how to overcome challenges when integrating alternate and ESG data to advance platform value and better serve financial institutions’ responsible investing initiatives.

Our Main Takeaways

Active Data Management

To have accurate, high-quality data, learning new ways to efficiently manage data sets in an active way is key to any successful business initiative. As we reflect on our takeaways, Active Data Management was a common theme found throughout sessions and booth visits, gaining insight into new technologies and software that can better this data process. 

Data Science Tools

In the data world, there is always room for improvement. But the first step to improving data starts with Data Scientists who are committed to learning and implementing new tools. At Strata, we were exposed to Kubernetes deployments of Spark which is the upcoming compute engine designed for automating application deployment, scaling, and data management. 

Data Governance

According to Gartner, through 2022, only 20% of organizations investing in information governance will succeed in scaling governance for digital business. Data Governance was a major theme at Strata this year, highlighting the importance of implementing proper data governance to improve data visibility and increase access to data. 

We’d love to hear what you think about the takeaways we’ve mentioned. Did you notice some that we left out? Want to talk more about the ones we highlighted? Reach out to us!

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