Golden Records: Unifying Your CRM and Customer Data

Avatar photo Team Zaloni October 8th, 2019

Understanding customers has become critical for companies who want to provide customized and unique experiences for their customers, but the first step is gaining access to accurate and reliable customer data. Though it sounds simple to gain access to concise customer data, the process can be daunting for data scientists and analysts. With massive volumes of data from multiple sources including CRM, ERP and loyalty systems, data scientists and analysts face countless hours sifting through data that is often inaccurate and poor quality. Thus the need to create customer golden records.

Creating 360-Degree Customer View at Chalhoub

Chalhoub, a leading luxury brand retailer and distributor manages over 650 stores across the Middle East. As one can imagine, the amount of customer data generated by the company’s multiple brands and retail outlets is extensive. They have data spread across each brand and retailers own CRM, e-commerce and loyalty systems. Because of this, data analysts and scientists struggled to acquire accurate unified customer data necessary for analytics such as customer lifetime value and churn analysis and insights needed for more targeted marketing campaigns.

With Zaloni as a partner in the project, Chalhoub architected and deployed a cloud-based, centralized data hub in Microsoft Azure. Zaloni’s DataOps platform, Arena, allowed Chalhoub to unify their disparate data and leverage machine-learning-based data mastering capabilities to create customer golden records by identifying unique keys that tied data to an individual. These records were enriched with additional data to build a 360-degree-view of their customers. Now, accurate customer data could be retrieved by data users across the entire Chalhoub enterprise, improving analytics and allowing them to continue their “customer first” approach. Chalhoub was able to market more effectively through improved segmentation and targeting, insights into churn and retention, and personalized campaigns that improve customer lifetime value and increase the return on investment for CRM tools.

Watch Zaloni’s on-demand webinar from October 10th and hear from Tim Blackwell, Analytics Data Architect at Chalhoub, and Scott Gidley, VP Product at Zaloni, as they discuss the importance of gaining a holistic 360 view of the customer. Learn how Zaloni helped a key customer maximize their customer golden records and achieve greater customer lifetime value.

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