Visibility and Data Control: Two Factors Influencing Data Governance Success

Avatar photo Haley Teeples January 15th, 2021

Having control over data within a growing data ecosystem is becoming a larger problem for data producers. How to implement control and governance within complex data environments varies by organization. At Zaloni, we often encounter this issue with our customers, so we wanted to discuss the issue further. In this blog, we will be breaking down the concept of a “Data Control Plane,” allowing our readers to understand the moving parts involved and the benefits of incorporating such an ideology into your organization’s data management approach.


Data Plane vs. Control Plane

There are two types of planes in data management, “data plane” and “control plane.” The data plane is where the data is housed and stored until further use. Snowflake is an example of a company that would serve as the data plane because they offer services to store data sets within a cloud-based data warehouse. On the other hand, the control plane is how the data sets are used and managed. Whether data is stored in a warehouse or in the cloud, the control plane provides full visibility and unified governance required to manage data sets effectively. Arena, Zaloni’s end-to-end DataOps platform, would be an example of a control plane because it offers comprehensive tools to effectively manage and work with disparate data.

Any organization that collects data automatically has a data plane because they are storing collected data on-prem, cloud, hybrid, or a third-party source. Many organizations lack the second layer of the control plane because they cannot utilize ingested data effectively due to problems like data sprawl, data silos, or the dreaded data swamp. Though data and control planes uphold different purposes, they are very much intertwined. Data Engineers and Stewards are the producers who, in a way, live within the data plane because they are the ones who are working within the data environment to deliver requested data to the consumer. But they too need access to a control plane because this plane allows them the control and governance required to provide accurate data sets promptly to consumers. Ultimately, the consistent layer of data management and governance that the control plane provides is crucial for any organization that seeks to adopt a modern data architecture.


Establishing Your Control Plane with Arena

There are additional benefits to having the control plane separate from the data plane. The separation allows producers to have all the functions organized to make the most sense for the organization. To effectively manage data, data producers must initiate a data management style and structure that contributes to accomplishing business goals and needs. Another factor to consider is what operations and features are used based on the particular data source. If one were to add multiple data planes, this would only increase the risk of data sprawl and the inability to control the high volumes of data ingested. Therefore, it is vital to incorporate a unified data plane because it allows one to manage heterogeneous sources and establish an infrastructure for multi-cloud data management. 

Arena, Zaloni’s end-to-end DataOps platform, serves as a control plane with added benefits that differentiates itself from other software. With Arena, data producers are provided with maximum control with its single-pane of glass visibility, allowing users to have a holistic overview of data flowing from ingestion to consumption. This birds-eye view of the entire data supply chain, even within hybrid environments, gives producers better control. One can see who has access to specific data sets, pinpoint and resolve data bottlenecks with ease, and establish reusable workflows to run data within the environment(s) efficiently. 

Zaloni is proud to implement Arena with some of the world’s biggest brands and organizations to provide a data management solution that works for them and allows them to reach their business goals. Make sure to visit our website to schedule a demo to discover your customized solution with our data experts.


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