Top Enterprise Advanced Analytics Use Cases Explained by Ben Sharma

Avatar photo Ben Sharma November 23rd, 2021

Achieve goals from improving data quality to accessibility

Whether a company wishes to improve data quality or accessibility for data users across their enterprise, there are many reasons why decision-makers are focused on such goals. Goals like data quality and accessibility are often the foundational layer and the catalyst needed to accelerate common analytics use cases.

There are many different use cases that companies are seeking to implement within their organizations, but what are the top advanced analytics use cases for enterprises today? Zaloni’s Marketing team got the chance to ask Zaloni’s founder, chief product officer, and renowned leader of the data industry, Ben Sharma, his thoughts on the matter. 

Ben explains that with the rise of available first and third-party data sources, enterprises are finding an ever-expanding list of advanced analytic use cases across product development, marketing, operations, finance, and compliance departments. 

At Zaloni, we work with enterprises in the financial services, insurance, pharma, healthcare, telecommunications, airline, and retail industries to improve their analytic outcomes.

Below are a couple of top uses cases that we have seen with our enterprise customers:

Customer golden records

The broad availability of third-party customer data, along with multiple internal sources of first-party customer data, has made the prospect of a more complete, timely customer activity view an achievable reality for enterprises. To capitalize on the marketing opportunities afforded by this comprehensive customer view, companies need to align and associate all first and third-party data to specific individuals, using advanced analytics to dedupe, clean, match, unite, and continuously add information across every source. As with many analytic functions, outcomes will vary depending on the strength of the end-to-end DataOps process, which oversees the preparation, quality, and other workflows needed to enable AI/ML unification success.

Faster Time to Market

Quickly getting new products to market is often a challenge, particularly for those that depend on massive amounts of data to achieve traction and value. Zaloni works with multiple financial institutions that develop new financial models, reports, or portfolio offerings by applying advanced analytics to large, varied sets of alternative and traditional data. Providing data scientists with a centralized, “single pane of glass” metadata catalog, where analysts can discover, share, and collaborate on ideal sources for analytic workflows is critical to their product velocity.

Every organization has different needs, offerings, and goals. Each enterprise is unique, so when it comes to pinpointing how companies are uniquely utilizing and implementing advanced analytics use cases, the answer is simple, it varies from company to company. 

Ben describes how enterprise customers approach Zaloni with an increasingly broad list of unique, innovative ways to employ advanced analytics. For most, what remains essential for analytics success is providing analysts with a clean, comprehensive, easy-to-use data catalog where sources have been prepared, quality checked, deduped, and are ready for discovery, sharing, and provisioning to their preferred analytics platform. Two majorly successful and unique analytics use cases Zaloni has been a part of in the past year are COVID-19 data analysis and redefining company data. 

COVID data analysis

Zaloni was fortunate enough to work with several pharmaceutical and healthcare companies currently producing COVID-19 treatments or testing, all of whom have had to shorten their typical product timeline. By working with a well-coordinated data management system, they can apply analytic functions to broad, continuously updated datasets to make logistical, scientific, and product decisions. 

Redefining data

Data consistently ranks as the #2 most important asset for an enterprise, behind only the staff themselves. Traditionally, data has been thought of as tabular, fields that fit into columns and rows. As advanced analytics are used to discover even more ways to derive value from data, the hunt for additional data formats becomes intense. We work with several enterprises that want to analyze data in the form of reports, documents, .pdfs, and even APIs. The types of information that can be cataloged and used for advanced analytics are just starting to expand and promise data scientists vast new sources for ML/AI models. 

At Zaloni, we are grateful to work alongside innovative companies who are committed to making positive change within their respective industries and organizations through data. Zaloni’s Arena platform provides companies and their data users the tools necessary to achieve their current and future analytics use cases.


about the author

Ben Sharma is the Co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Zaloni, a published author, and holds two patents for his innovative Big Data, Enterprise Infrastructure, and Analytics solutions. His impressive range of knowledge across data and business software disciplines has led him to leadership roles at leading companies like Fujitsu and NetApp before Zaloni.