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Avatar photo Annie Bishop July 23rd, 2020

How Nuveen is making a positive impact

Nuveen, a premier global investment manager, wanted to increase revenue by developing a differentiated investment offering that would appeal to new, more socially-minded investors. The new offering would provide socially responsible investing options to its customers by evaluating companies based on sustainability metrics related to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors. 

Nuveen’s goal was to use this data to create ESG scores and metrics that would be provided to asset and portfolio managers through a Responsible Investment Platform(RI) to guide investment decision-making.

In a recent Forbes article about Nuveen’s socially responsible investing initiative, Santanu Sengupta, a managing director at Nuveen, describes the Responsible Investing (RI) Platform as “efficient and easy to use, and highly effective for processing RI data and generating related analytics.” 

To populate the RI Platform, Nuveen needed to quickly integrate several new ESG data sources into their data environment. They faced challenges with data complexity, quality, and duplication. Additionally, due to the high cost of the ESG data, Nuveen wanted the ability to preserve and protect the raw data to prevent having to repurchase any compromised data sets.

Using Zaloni’s DataOps Platform, Arena™, Nuveen quickly and easily ingested and organized the external data sources, ran data quality, enriched the data, then provisioned it to the RI platform in a governed and secure way to ensure regulatory compliance.  Arena serves as the foundation for the RI Platform, providing end-to-end management of the data supply chain. Through Arena’s EndZone Governance™, raw data sets are preserved and governance is applied as data travels from source to consumption. 

With Arena, Nuveen was able to take the RI Platform from concept to production in less than six months by quickly integrating, enriching, and provisioning the complex ESG data sources.  Arena’s ability to streamline processes throughout the end-to-end data supply chain accelerates analytics and reduces costs. 

Today, in addition to the RI Platform, Arena provides enterprise-wide management and governance of Nuveen’s data across various lines of business to support new and emerging data and analytics use cases.

To learn more about how Nuveen’s making a positive impact through their commitment to responsible investing and the data and analytics technology needed to support their mission in the recent Forbes article, visit:

Socially responsible investing

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