Cloud DataOps with Zaloni + Snowflake – Extensibility Wins

Avatar photo Amy King February 13th, 2020

Are you one of the many organizations with an aging, on-premises data warehouse or data lake? As you sit with your budget each year, it can be staggering to realize what you’re paying for those storage costs. At the same time, with the availability of so many cloud-centric vendors, storage options, and methods of cloud adoption, the process of data migration to the cloud can be intimidating and confusing. Enter Cloud DataOps.

This post examines your options and lays out ways to get your cloud data operations set up for success.

Your cloud options

There are many companies out there that offer “cloud” options. A search for cloud providers gives you a vast list of terms like cloud data lake, cloud data warehouse, enterprise data cloud, none of which really help you in your choice. Many aren’t cloud-native and have come to the cloud as an after-thought but each has its advantages to individual situations. One, in particular, Snowflake, has been built natively for the cloud and has been gaining popularity in the market for the reasons outlined below.

Why Snowflake?

Snowflake is a pure cloud data warehouse. They’ve understood from the beginning that there is a need for SQL-native processing and procedures that can be built and stored in a cloud-native warehouse.

It’s easy to start leveraging the power of the cloud when choosing Snowflake. There are no disparate services or decentralized data sources to worry about. All your hardware, software, and services needs are packaged into one simple lease model. On top of that, they also cache many of your data files which speeds up processing and saves on costs.

As with any cloud data migration, you do need to understand that there will be an inherent internal shift in responsibilities. Your on-prem data management teams might need to change focus to be more cloud-centric. But this is the case with any move to the cloud! (and think of all the space you’ll have for activities by removing your on-prem hardware!)

Why Zaloni + Snowflake?

Trusted data operations alongside analytics acceleration are consistently achieved by combining Snowflake data warehousing with Zaloni’s Arena. Our platform facilitates a seamless on-premises to cloud data migration by provisioning structured and unstructured data from your on-premises data stores to your Snowflake environment.

Once your data is in your brand new Snowflake cloud data warehouse, you can use Snowflake itself as your data processing engine for the Zaloni platform’s workflows and sandboxes. Our platform ensures you only load high-value data into your environment so your query cycles aren’t being wasted on data of little value – especially since Snowflake leverages a pay-per-usage model.

If you’re looking to modernize your current data environment, mitigate risks associated with data migration, and achieve Cloud DataOps success, a combination of Snowflake and Zaloni can:

  • Help you get to the cloud faster.
  • Provide accelerated insights into your data.
  • Save on your operational costs.
  • Achieve never-before-realized data potential.

Learn more: Read the Zaloni & Snowflake Partner Brief.

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Amy King was Zaloni’s Vice President of Marketing and now is CMO at Relias.