How to Prep for Strata NY

Avatar photo Team Zaloni September 12th, 2019

Strata New York is coming up! If you happen to be among the 6,000+ planning to attend, with just a couple weeks left, it’s time to start preparing. Follow these simple tips to get the most out of Strata!

1. Plan, plan, plan

Those 3 days go by fast. Spend some time in the coming week diving into the posted schedule and create your agenda. It’ll pay dividends when you get to attend the sessions you really want to and meet the people you’re really interested in.

2. Free coffee

Take advantage of the free coffee stations. These are all important to keep you going all day. It’s also a great way to meet your fellow attendees. Compare notes. Talk about strategies.

3. Meet with vendors

There are hundreds of sponsors and vendors at the show. If you have some you’re interested in meeting with, you should schedule a time to meet with them prior to the show! You never know what the booth will look like when you get there and you might not get that nagging question answered in-person.

4. Follow your agenda…

Remember that agenda you created before the conference? Yeah, that one. Follow it…but only so far. If you come across a session you find isn’t providing you value, don’t be afraid to leave and find a different one. And if you’re interested in learning the value of integrating third-party data into your ecosystem, you’ll want to attend “How to Rapidly Integrate and Accelerate ESG Data to Advance your Platform Value by Improving Financial Insights and Providing Cutting-edge Investment Options to your Customers,” Wednesday at 5:25 in Room 1E17, presented by Santanu Sengupta from Nuveen and Ben Sharma from Zaloni.

5. Have an action plan when you return

After taking your copious and detailed notes, this will help you create an action plan for when you return to the “real world” after the conference. Try to come up with 2 or 3 changes you can immediately implement with the newly learned information you’re walking away with. This will not only help your company but also help your case for attending Strata next year!

Most importantly, have fun!

The Strata Data Conference is going to be chock full of your peers from across the world. Ask questions. Give some answers. Make friends. We’ll be at booth #1326. See you there!

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