Implementing Data Governance on AWS with the Zaloni Arena DataOps Platform

Avatar photo Annie Bishop October 13th, 2021

Control across the entire data ecosystem

As companies undergo digital transformation and modernize their data architectures, data governance has come front and center as they contend with data sprawl and ecosystem complexity, poor data quality, and strict regulatory requirements. These challenges become even more daunting when making the transition to cloud or hybrid environments. 

Many are turning to the data management discipline of DataOps to provide a single pane of glass view and control across the entire data ecosystem, including data stores, pipelines, and tools. 


DataOps Provides Data Observability and Standardizes Data Governance

Zaloni’s DataOps platform, Arena, helps companies implement a DataOps approach to streamline their data supply chain and standardize data governance as data moves from source to consumption by an analyst, data scientist or BI/AI/ML tool. Like DevOps, Zaloni views DataOps as a continuous cycle that actively improves data quality and pipeline and process efficiency over time. 

In the diagram below, you’ll see Zaloni’s DataOps cycle. We view this cycle as the steps and technical capabilities required for a governed DataOps approach. The intelligent data catalog is located at the center of the DataOps cycle where data comes in and can be provisioned out of the platform. 

On the left side of the infinity loop, you will find the capabilities required by data architects, engineers, or stewards to catalog, cleanse and protect data, and on the right, the consumption capabilities provided to data analysts and scientists to quickly search, understand, and provision data in a self-service manner. Data lineage is tracked throughout the cycle, enriching the data catalog over time. Data governance serves as an underlying functionality providing visibility and control at each step in the cycle.  



Zaloni Arena DataOps Platform for AWS Data Governance

Zaloni’s Arena DataOps platform helps customers quickly and cost-effectively implement data governance on AWS. Arena provides unified data governance and observability across multiple AWS accounts and regions and on-premises environments. Data stewards and data professionals create and enforce governance policies, improve data quality, ensure security and regulatory compliance, and deliver trusted data to end-users through a shopping cart experience in the data catalog. 


dataops on aws


Only Zaloni Arena’s Concourse Package provides:

  • AWS Multi-Account Visibility: Zaloni Arena provides visibility and control across multiple AWS accounts and regions. 
  • Shopping Cart with Data Access Requests: Zaloni’s Arena provides a data shopping cart experience for data citizens to search, find, and request data access. Once data access is approved, users can add data to their shopping cart and provision it to the destination of their choice. 
  • Business and Operational Metadata for AWS Glue: Zaloni Arena platform provides AWS users with the ability to enrich the data catalog and improve understanding and searchability by adding business metadata and automatically capture operational metadata for data residing in AWS. Metadata created in Arena’s catalog is synced with the AWS Glue catalog. 
  • Low code/no code UI to Orchestrate AWS Services: Zaloni Arena allows non-technical users to easily orchestrate and automate AWS services to run data profiling, data quality, and token masking in a low code/no code manner. 
  • Operational excellence on AWS: Integration with AWS services operationalizes data governance and provides a seamless, fully managed experience as a SaaS offering.

We are currently offering a new acceleration program to help customers get up and running quickly with data governance on AWS. The program provides a 15% discount on a 1-year license for Zaloni Arena’s Concourse package and $3,000 in AWS credits (to be redeemed in the first two months). The offer will be available to new customers who purchase through AWS Marketplace, now through December 31st. 

If you’d like to learn more about the Zaloni Arena DataOps platform and how it can help you govern your data in AWS:  

  • Watch the webinar with AWS, where we discuss how to get control over your data in AWS through governed DataOps
  • See the platform in action with our free trial

Set up a custom demo or join us for a  no pitch demo on October 20th with our DataOps experts

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