Governed Data Lakes Enable the Promise of New Health

Avatar photo Team Zaloni February 22nd, 2017

Physicians and care teams must now focus on the optimal delivery of care, through broad, proactive population health management initiatives and effective personalized medicine. This transformation requires a real-time, integrated, holistic view of data from many diverse sources to provide a comprehensive 360-degree view of the patient along with the context of the population being treated.  Creating-managing-exposing information captured in managed data lakes can help healthcare organizations understand their patients and their subpopulations, thus making personalized, proactive evidence-based medicine a reality.

Zaloni’s Arena allows healthcare providers to address the challenges of building, governing and operating managed data lakes that accelerate the new health by:

  • Assessing and tagging unstructured information so that its retrievable from the data lake with minimal “data wrangling” efforts. 
  • Correlating events across data streams, sources and time to provide appropriate routing and event stream processing to identify and prioritize healthcare actions that result in positive health outcomes.
  • Accessing data in mutiple EHRs, databases and applications thus improving the productivity of the physician/care team and reducing wasted efforts.
  • Operating at enterprise volumes, tackling the “tsunami” of data from monitoring stations, labs, wearable devices and sentiment analysis from social media
  • Enabling Business and Clinical Analyst Self-service through the data catalog, so that HLS experts can focus on the advanced analytics and actionable intelligence aspects rather than spend 80% or more of their time acquiring, cleansing and transforming clinical, claims and pharmacy data.
  • Delivering information and insights to any recipient with targeted, timely delivery of the right curated information needed for evidence-based medicine to the right caregiver.
  • Real-time and event-driven data, provisioned to meet end consumer needs enables transformative population health management to become a reality without the huge latency it entails today.

As a result, the physician, care team and health informaticist can work collaboratively aided by insights to focus on the optimal delivery of care, broad, proactive population health management and effective delivery of personalized medicine.

To learn more about managed data lakes for healthcare, download the white paper.

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