The 4 Big Data V’s: Volume, Velocity, Variety and Vision

Avatar photo Team Zaloni June 20th, 2019

On-Demand podcast with DM Radio

We all know about the three Big Data Vs by now: Volume, Velocity, and Variety. There’s a ton of data being spun out of enterprise systems and mobile devices, social media platforms, and cloud-based data centers; the speed is faster than ever, requiring a new set of technologies; and the variety creates for a much more unwieldy reality on the ground. But what’s the tie that potentially binds all of these? Vision! It’s now imperative that senior executives at data-driven companies have a solid vision of where they want to go, and how they’ll get there. 

Listen to this on-demand podcast from our friends at DM Radio to learn more about Volume, Velocity, Variety, and Vision featuring the following guests: 

  • Matthew Monahan, Senior Product Manager at Zaloni
  • Sreevani Abbaraju, Director of Product Management at HVR Software
  • Wayne Thompson, Chief Data Scientist at SAS
  • Hosted by Eric Kavanagh, CEO at the Bloor Group

Find the podcast on DM Radio here.

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