DataOps, Data Intelligence, and More with Joyce Wells and Ben Sharma

Avatar photo Haley Teeples April 1st, 2021

A deep dive into the complexities and challenges of managing data

Joyce Wells, Editor and Chief of Database Trends and Applications magazine, recently interviewed Zaloni’s, Ben Sharma. As the founder and current Chief Product Officer of the company, Ben and Joyce dived deep into the complexities and challenges that are often occurring in the data management space. In this Q & A session, Ben describes how in the last year, more than ever due to the pandemic, data silos have become an even bigger issue across various industry verticals as businesses quickly pivoted to new business models or digital offers. Data consumers began accessing data quicker to execute outcomes faster, ultimately resulting in data sprawl due to the organization’s lack of data intelligence strategy. 

Ben echoes the need for standardized data governance and automation throughout the interview to protect sensitive data, reuse data pipelines to fulfill organizational use cases, and deliver trusted data to consumers. In addition to data governance, by implementing ML and AI automation within the data supply chain, companies can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and maximize the value of their data while fulfilling not just one, but multiple use cases. The past year has proven the importance of scalability and adaptability in life. Those two characteristics are just as crucial when managing data across one or multiple environments, whether that be on-prem, multi-cloud, or hybrid environments.

Now readers may be asking, “How do I overcome these challenges like data sprawl and silos?” The answer lies within a comprehensive approach to data intelligence, another highlight of Joyce Wells’ interview with Ben. DataOps is a methodology to manage end-to-end data supply chain to bring secure, trusted data to consumers while minimizing costs and maximizing data value. The single-pane-of-glass perspective of the entire data enterprise along with accessible and verified data for consumers ultimately, as Ben says best, “empower[s] your employees to be able to make critical business decisions based on the datasets that are available.” 

This blog only scratches the surface of this jammed pack interview, and it is worth a read to get a glimpse of the insightful data trends, use cases, challenges, solutions, and industry predictions. To read the whole thing, click here to dive into this exclusive Q&A interview with Joyce Wells and Ben Sharma and access the Big Data Quarterly Summer 2021 Issue by DBTA here.

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