Zaloni Arena Empowers Data Success at Tigo Colombia

Avatar photo Team Zaloni February 16th, 2021

Zaloni’s former VP of Marketing, Amy King, sat down (virtually, of course) with Monica Rojas Cuadrado, Big Data & Analytics IT Manager at Tigo Colombia, to discuss how Zaloni’s DataOps platform, Arena, has transformed their data use cases, achieved their goals, and enabled collaboration at the company.  


Amy: Hello, Monica! We are excited to have you here today to talk to us a bit about Tigo Colombia and the role of Zaloni’s DataOps platform, Arena, is playing there. To kick things off, could you give us a little explanation of the importance of data governance at Tigo Colombia and how Arena is ensuring that security across the entire data supply chain?

Monica: Thank you, Amy! It is great to be here. The first topic was defining my goals within big data at Tigo. After that, we determine different roles that will have access to our big data platform.

And after that, we assign users to those defined roles. We have many expectations for the users who fill these roles because we have many needs, including regulatory needs, that require a big data platform with some automatic tools that help us do that in the most efficient way.

Amy: Yes, that is great to hear. Arena prides itself on its data governance capabilities to meet the needs of any regulatory and security requirements of the company, so that is great to hear. I also wanted to touch a bit on the savings Arena has brought to Tigo since its implementation. Can you tell us a bit about the areas that have experienced the most savings and how that has allowed for new data initiatives at the company?

Monica: First is the storage. The second one is the smart, easy administration of data governance and the platform’s applications. And the third is that when we build new models, it’s easier to do that in Arena. Many projects, some relating to the customer as the end-user, are starting to use the platform’s capabilities to help today’s final users who want to do many things.

Today, we have a roadmap built with our key business areas to continue working on the capabilities available to our end-users. For 2021, we will concentrate on customer analytics and machine learning.

Amy: This is wonderful to hear. As a final question for you, Monica, I want to dive a little deeper into the data initiatives you just spoke about for 2021. Since Arena entered the data space, can you provide some more explanation on how the data goals at Tigo have evolved?

Monica: Our main goal in the company is to give value to the data. As a telco company, as I said before, we have a huge amount of data, and in the end, we need to solve different kinds of questions with the data we have.

We are continuing to work on answering those different kinds of questions in multiple stages. We have learned that each goal we set includes a step by step process. We achieved our goal to establish a standardized data warehouse, which was our first big initiative when we began working with Zaloni. Since then, our data goals have evolved, and we are now working on furthering our big data and analytics within different models and machine learning goals. 

We are a complex company; the most important thing for us is to be mindful that each area is at a different data analysis maturity level that determines our ability to answer different questions. Our goal is to succeed in every challenge, whether customer-related or internal-based, and the Arena platform helps us achieve success with the data we have.

Amy: It’s important for Zaloni to hear and understand how we have impacted our customer’s organizations. Monica, thank you for shedding some insight on Tigo Colombia and the company’s current and future data initiatives. It was great speaking with you today!

At Zaloni, we are grateful to work alongside great companies like Tigo Colombia to achieve their data goals. With Zaloni’s data platform implemented, Arena provides the teams at Tigo Colombia with secure, high-quality, and accurate data to help them achieve their various big data use cases.

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