Reduce Data Risk and Maintain Compliance

cost for non-compliance

Don’t Let your Data be a Liability

Your data should be an asset to your organization. As more and more users gain access to the data, the risks for non-compliance greatly increase. You need a data platform that ensures robust security and governance throughout the self-service journey.

A solid data governance program helps companies to understand, manage, and leverage the information potential of the data stored and processed by next-generation platforms. Successful implementation of data governance across the entire data landscape—with traditional and next-generation platforms—will likely determine which organizations will emerge as market leaders.

Deloitte, Data governance for next-generation platforms

Meeting Data Regulations

Watch as experts from AWS show a new approach in reducing risk and costs while increasing productivity, organizational alacrity, and customer experience, resulting in a competitive advantage and assorted revenue growth. They discuss how a de-identified data lake can help you comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Protection Act requirements.

Zaloni Data Governance Difference

advanced data workflows

Provide the right access to the right data to the right person

secure metadata controls

Automated encryption and lineage for better security while saving time

data governance

Analytics value and trust grow with faster, easier, secure access to data

Preparing for the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA)
Get Your Big Data House in Order for GDPR

Staying Complaint

There are strong data regulations present throughout all industries. From HIPAA to GDPR and the new CCPA, if you collect customer data it’s important to maintain compliance or face the potential for large fines. Zaloni’s unified data platform delivers trusted high value data through an augmented catalog, exceptional governance and security, and easy self-service access for all types of users.

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Zaloni Data Platform

An integrated self-service platform that operationalizes processes along the entire data pipeline from source to consumer.

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Active Data Hubs

Provide the ultimate solution to enable management, governance, and self-service access to trusted business data.

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See how our customers use data lakes to achieve transformative outcomes and gain a competitive advantage.

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