Self-Service Data and Catalog

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Self-Service Data Platform

Mica is the on-ramp for self-service data discovery and curation. Business users get the tools they need for rapidly discovering datasets, interacting with the data catalog and uncovering insights.

Benefits of Mica

  • Leverage a consolidated catalog to view all data in the organization
  • Reduce time-to-analytics through self-service data enrichment
  • Improve team collaboration and sharing of data sets
  • Reduce dependencies on IT to find and curate data
  • Automate transformations on new data
Mica capabilities for self-service data preparation

Enterprise-wide data catalog to explore and curate data

Mica data catalog screen image

The Mica platform provides an enterprise-wide data catalog that makes it easy to explore and search for datasets. Users can see sample data to ensure they are interacting with the right data set. Users can curate data by adding valuable business information to entities that improve search and usage.

Self-service data preparation to reduce time-to-analytics

Data lake catalog and self-service preparation

With Mica, you can create transformations interactively based on sample data. Using the one-click “Enrich” button, users can navigate a view of the data along with a list of the various transformations that can be applied to each column. In addition to out-of-the-box functionality, Mica allows advanced users to create their own custom expressions using Google Refine Expression Language (GREL), which has support for variables, built-in functions, and controls.

Workspaces enable collaboration for improved productivity

Collaboration workspaces in Mica

Workspaces in Mica enables teams to collaborate to increase productivity. A workspace includes entities selected by a team member and shows the history of enrichments/transformations done to those entities. Workspaces also allow teams to do “Smart Searches,” which save search criteria and display entities that match the criteria in real time.

Automate workflows for increased efficiency

Using Mica, data users can easily define a process and then automate it in Zaloni’s Bedrock Data Lake Management and Governance Platform. Mica converts the data preparation step to Bedrock, which creates a workflow. The Bedrock workflow can be scheduled or modified by IT to operationalize the process.

Mica Self-Service Data Platform Data Sheet
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