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Improve data visibility with Zaloni Arena

Improve data visibility

Ensure data quality with Zaloni Arena

Ensure data quality

Shop for relevant Data with Zaloni Arena

Shop for relevant Data

Self-Service Data Access
with Arena Governance

Enable data analysts and scientists to quickly
and easily find relevant data

  • Flexible connections that unify and integrate siloed data
  • Automated active cataloging collects deep metadata for easy, fast discovery
  • Scalable foundation makes it easy to add your next data source
  • Data quality checks to capture any changes in versions; duplicate data sets
  • Automated encryption, tokenization and masking for better security while saving time
  • Lineage shows where data came from and where it has been sent
  • On-demand consumption to business applications and analytics tools
  • Pre-permissioned, self-service access provides the right access to the right data to the right person
  • Simple authorization structures accelerate data access and reduce reliance on IT
Product catalog data profiling with Zaloni Arena
Zaloni Arena Data control
Data provisioning with Zaloni Arena

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Self-Service Data for Your Organization in 3 Logical Steps


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Let’s build your
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