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Unify Your Data Assets and Unlock Monetization

Having data spread throughout your environment makes it very hard to gain measurable insights. You need a data platform that connects all your data sources and applies leading quality controls to ensure accuracy and performance.

At TMX…we generate $140 million dollars in revenue from just data monetization.

Selwyn Collaco, Chief Data Officer, TMX Group

New Revenue Possibilities

Watch as Selwyn Collaco, Chief Data Officer of TMX Group, discusses how they use data as an enterprise asset to achieve data monetization goals. Building their data environment on a strong foundation of AWS and Zaloni, they are increasing the value of their data.

Zaloni Data Governance Difference

advanced data workflows

Provide the right access to the right data to the right person

secure metadata controls

Automated encryption and lineage for better security while saving time

data governance

Analytics value and trust grow with faster, easier, secure access to data

Modernize Your Data Architecture to Stay Competitive
Cloud-based Governed Data Platform Turns Data into a Key Enterprise Asset

Tackle Data Sprawl to Enable More Data Uses

Many organizations find their data is too spread out and housed in multiple, disparate data silos to be of any use. Being able to bring all that data into a single, unified view is the start of unlocking new revenue streams, unknown insights, and unrivaled success.

Learn More About Zaloni

Zaloni Data Platform

An integrated self-service platform that operationalizes processes along the entire data pipeline from source to consumer.

self-service data | active data hubs

Active Data Hubs

Provide the ultimate solution to enable management, governance, and self-service access to trusted business data.

Zaloni delivers big data solutions for your business

Customer Case Studies

See how our customers use data lakes to achieve transformative outcomes and gain a competitive advantage.

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