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Uncover Data Monetization Opportunities with Zaloni Arena

Unified data that enables you to create unique, timely market insights and repeatedly increase revenue

  • Flexible connections that unify and integrate siloed data
  • Governed enterprise-wide data catalog for visibility of data across the organization
  • Hybrid and cloud flexibility allows you to manage and govern your data wherever it resides
Zaloni Arena data Catalog

  • Fast integration of new and current data sources
  • Data quality checks to capture any changes in versions; duplicate data sets
  • Machine learning that automates integration and workflows to time and reduce error
Zaloni Arena Data Control

  • Automated active cataloguing collects deep metadata for easy, fast discovery
  • Self-service data access while maintaining the governance required by IT
  • On-demand consumption to business applications and analytics tools
Zaloni Arena Data Consume
Zaloni Arena data Catalog
Zaloni Arena Data Control
Zaloni Arena Data Consume

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