Data Unification that Creates New Value

Quick data unification via Zaloni Arena DataOps platform’s agility that delivers repeatable success at scale

Zaloni- Reduce data complexity

Reduce data complexity

ZAloni- Ensure data quality

Ensure data quality

Zaloni- Improve time to analytics

Improve time to analytics

Integrating New Data Sets
with Arena

Accelerate your data project with flexible integrations that
quickly advance your platform value

  • Quick-start with custom Zaloni pre- populated ESG models
  • On-demand consumption to business applications and analytics tools
  • Hybrid and cloud flexibility allows you to manage your data wherever it resides
  • Automated active cataloguing collects deep metadata for easy, fast discovery
  • Data quality checks to capture any changes in versions; duplicate data sets
  • Self-service access while maintaining the governance required by IT
  • Automated data pipelines from ESG suppliers that reduce costs over time
  • Machine learning that automates integration to save manual work and reduce error
  • Scalable foundation that makes it easy to add your next data source
Arena- Product consume custom sandboxes screen
Arena- Catalog main screen
Arena- product control data orchestration and workflow screen

Proven Success

Learn how Zaloni’s customers have
unlocked data monetization opportunities.

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Responsible Investing Using ESG Data in a Unified Data Platform

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20th Banking Technology Award
Zaloni- 20th Banking Technology Award winner

The flexible architecture of the platform and enablement from Zaloni made it possible for us to deliver this in less than 6 months.VP Data Strategy TIAA

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Integrate ESG Data from a 3rd Party to Invest Responsibly


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