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*Access to the platform is limited to key data governance features for the self-service trial. Please contact us or reach out to to explore the full feature set.

Metadata Management
Zaloni Metadata Mangement

Catalog data for a unified view across silos.

Data Governance
Zaloni Data Governance

Control data with proprietary zone-based governance

Self-Service Data Access
Zaloni Self-Service Data Access

Consume data effortlessly in a trusted, self-service marketplace

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Metadata Management with Arena, Zaloni's DataOps Platform


Enterprise-Wide Data Governance with Arena, Zaloni's DatOps Platform


Self-Service Data access with Arena, Zaloni's DataOps Paltform


Why Zaloni?

Drive governance initiatives | Deliver trusted data to the business

A robust data governance framework is key to effectively delivering trusted data to consumers across the enterprise.

With Zaloni, you can ensure compliance with regulatory requirements using your existing AWS infrastructure.

AWS Glue, S3, Lake Formation

You have chosen AWS services to build a modern data platform, let us help you bring all of these services together to better manage and govern your data.

Zaloni's Arena Concourse

This data governance package provides visibility and control across AWS environments, ensuring:

  • Data quality
  • Data security
  • Data compliance
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