Zaloni®’s FastTrack Package provides the data management software and expertise to quickly solve your most pressing data challenge.

Zaloni®’s FastTrack Package Includes:
  • The Zaloni® Data Platform: end-to-end data management and governance capabilities for full control of the data supply chain. The platform’s self-service data catalog provides data analysts and scientists with quick and easy access to trusted data.
  • Professional Services: take the guesswork out of how to design and build your environment on AWS or Azure and tailor it specifically to your use case.
  • Managed Services: our experts help you optimize your environment and ensure continued success.
Zaloni®’s FastTrack Package Includes:
Catalog: Data discovery, ingestion, classification, profiling, collaboration
Catalog Plus: Connect up to 3 data sources and inventory their contents
Control: Data workflows, quality, lineage, security compliance
Consume: Data Marketplace, Preparation, Self-service provisioning
Data Stewards/Engineers Up to 3
Data Scientists/Analysts Up to 10
Compute: Clusters 1 prod, 2 non-prod
Professional services for design and implementation
Dedicated managed services
Total $175k