We Invented EndZone GovernanceTM

Based on hundreds of data platform implementations, Zaloni®’s proven EndZone GovernanceTM architecture is scalable and future-proof. This architecture is based on a zone-based approach through which data can live and travel throughout its lifecycle.

Endzone governance diagram
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Raw Zone

Data is ingested into the raw zone, where it’s stored permanently. Here, data is stored in its raw or original format and is known as the “single source of truth.”

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Trusted Zone

Data is imported from the raw zone into the trusted zone, where it can be transformed to meet all required governance policies. Data cleansing and validation is typically performed in this zone. Data here is considered the “single version of truth.”

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Refined Zone

Data moves from the trusted zone to the refined zone to be integrated into a common format so it can be easily consumed by data end users for creating analytic models. This is the last stage where data is processed before it’s used for analytics and typically requires role-based access.

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Analytics Sandboxes

This is where data scientists and analysts can perform ad hoc data exploration, analysis, and testing. The sandbox allows end users to conduct analysis and testing in a built environment, reducing reliance on the IT department. Insights found here can be provisioned back to the raw zone, allowing derived data to be treated as a new data source.

Only With Zaloni®'s EndZone GovernanceTM

End result is auditable, best-in-class governance to reduce risk while accelerating business goals.

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Trust that the right people have access to the right data at every stage of the supply chain

Arena Deployment On-Cloud

Increase data quality with automated controls to eliminate manual errors

Arena Operations

Confidence knowing data is protected and secure at the right stages

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