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Hear from industry experts on how to achieve analytics success through end-to-end DataOps.

AWS, Eckerson Group, and Zaloni team up to bring you DataOps strategies for success.

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According to Gartner, 58% of companies say finding, identifying and securing data as their biggest data management challenges.

The Speakers

Susan Cook image

Susan Cook


Wayne Eckerson image

Wayne Eckerson

Founder, Eckerson Group

Ben Sharma image

Ben Sharma

CPO and Founder, Zaloni

Shashi Raina image

Shashi Raina

Partner Solution Architect, AWS

Cody Rich image

Cody Rich

Solutions Engineer, Zaloni

Data Transformation and The Dawn of Modern DataOps
Presenter: Susan Cook, CEO, Zaloni

With data ecosystem complexity on the rise, data sprawl is preventing enterprises from achieving the cost savings, accelerated analytics and better ML/AI outcomes they desire. Join Susan Cook for a brief introduction to Zaloni’s end-to-end DataOps platform, Arena, and see how it is delivering data transformation that solves today’s modern data challenges.

DataOps and the Convergence of Data Management Capabilities
Presenter: Wayne Eckerson, Founder, Eckerson Group
Moderator: Amy King, VP Marketing, Zaloni

DataOps is more than a technology. Hear Wayne Eckerson, a leading industry expert, reveal the people, process, and platform areas improved through DataOps optimization. Accomplishing today’s data use cases requires a holistic approach, where point-solutions are displaced by agile software capable of providing transparency and controls across the entire data supply chain. Wayne reviews current trends in DataOps as well as its future path.

How to Streamline and Secure Your Data Supply Chain with Data Transformation
Presenter: Ben Sharma, CPO and Co-founder, Zaloni

Ben Sharma will take you on a journey of the technology evolution that’s enabled today’s DataOps. Streamlining your data supply chain requires technology that is agile, facilitates collaboration and data transformation, along with automations and self-service consumption. Ben highlights how today’s DataOps platforms use these features to efficiently and securely deliver analytics-ready data.

The Zen of DataOps: AWS Data Lake Formation and the Data Supply Chain
Presenter: Shashi Raina, Partner Solution Architect, AWS

Join Shashi Raina, an AWS solution architecture expert, as he shares the latest in architecture design, principles and technology best practices for DataOps in the cloud. Migration to the cloud is a primary DataOps use case, and Shashi’s team sits at the forefront of data transformation through cloud computing efficiency and agility.

Achieving Analytics Success and Data Transformation with Arena DataOps
Presenter: Cody Rich, Solutions Engineer, Zaloni

Go inside Zaloni’s end-to-end DataOps platform, Arena, with Cody Rich’s use case-driven demo. Cody will cover common customer DataOps use cases through a live demo of how they can be achieved through Zaloni’s Arena data platform. Watch DataLOps optimization come to life and see how it is easily implemented for your enterprise.