Data Master Extension

Powered by Machine Learning

Leverage Machine Learning for Agile Data Mastering in the Data Lake

Creating “golden” or master records from multiple data sources helps organizations achieve a single version of truth, as well as an enriched view of customer or product data for applications such as intelligent pricing, personalized marketing, smart alerts, customized recommendations, and more.

Data Master is an extension to the Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) that provides a practical, unique solution for customer or product 360° initiatives at the scale of big data, enabling agile data mastering in the data lake.

  • Uses a Spark-based machine learning approach for matching and linking records based on supervised learning techniques
  • Matches all types of data
  • Provides an IT and business interface
  • Leverages live data to train the matching models
  • Uses Spark architecture to scale based on data and cluster size

Built-in Data Management and Governance

Zaloni Data Master Extension leverages the Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) for data ingestion, metadata, data quality, governance, scalability and user interface.

The platform provides workflow and orchestration to automate operational data pipelines for creating master records.

Zaloni data lake management platform capabilities

Zaloni’s total, integrated package provides a clear advantage and faster time to value over more limited deduplication open source or point products that lack data preparation capabilities such as joins and data profiling. Also, implementing master data management natively in the data lake enables organizations to leverage the scale-out technologies of the Hadoop ecosystem.

In addition, Zaloni Data Master Extension uses APIs to allow for seamless access to customer master records (CMR) and/or product master records (PMR) systems for master record lookups and other downstream applications.

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