Actionable Data Catalog

for Self-Service Discovery

Data Catalog + Right-Sized Governance = Self-Service Access

As companies continue to cultivate data-driven decision making at their organizations, data catalogs have become a “must-have” in enterprise data architectures to enable data discovery and provide self-service access to end users. Self-service access to the data catalog reduces the burden on IT, boosts productivity and increases competitive advantage.

But the reality is that while catalogs are a “must-have,” there are also risks associated with allowing access to data. In today’s highly regulated world, companies are facing challenges effectively securing and governing their data. Companies also need to ensure that their data is clean and reliable.

Zaloni’s actionable data catalog turns a self-service data into a reality. As a capability of the Zaloni Data Platform, it provides management and governance of data throughout the supply chain from source to consumer resulting in a solid foundation for secure, reliable, analytics-ready data.

Discover & Ingest

Discover, catalog and ingest data from sources across the enterprise

Prepare & Manage

Enrich and prepare data for analytics or to operationalize workflows

Deliver & Share

Create workspaces and provision data

So You've Got a Data Catalog...Now What?

Webinar: So You’ve Got a Data Catalog…Now What?

Learn how to provide governed access and visibility to the data lake while still staying on track and within budget. In this webinar, Scott Gidley, Zaloni’s Vice President of Product, discusses the following topics:

  • Architecting your data lake to support next-gen data catalogs
  • Rightsizing governance for self-service data
  • Where a data catalog falls short and how to address
  • Success use cases

A comprehensive platform to make self-service a reality

An actionable data catalog through the Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) provides the ultimate platform for data ops to enable management, right-sized governance and self-service.

data catalog - mica - zaloni data platform

Benefits of Catalog Plus

Data visibility across
the organization

Productivity is increased
for business and IT

Governance is infused
throughout the process

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