Arena’s Collaborative Metadata Management
Wins with Extensibility

Improve your data catalog with better metadata management

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Connect to any data type wherever it resides, on-prem and the cloud.

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Don’t Let Silos Stand in Your Way,
Catalog Data Wherever it Resides

Connect and automatically catalog all types of assets from any source - data, reports, analytical models, existing data catalogs from on-premises or cloud sources.
Auto-crawl data stores to automatically detect and catalog new metadata
Microservices based ingestion for batch, streaming, and databases.Ingestion Wizard simplifies ingestion and creates reusable workflows with just a few clicks.
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Quickly Find and Understand Your Data
with Arena’s AI-Powered Catalog

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Active metadata with extensible user actions to edit and share metadata for improved collaboration across teams
AI-powered data classification to quickly categorize and classify your data.
View entity details, understand data quality and preview data to quickly find the right data.

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