End-to-End Data Control
From Source to Consumer

Ensure data quality and track data lineage to deliver trusted data

arena components

Improve Data Accuracy and Efficiency with
ML-Assisted Enrichment, Transformation and Mastering

Robust workflow management feature with scalable and extensible micros-services architecture. Schedule, manage and operationalize data pipelines.
Rule-based Data Quality engine for custom business DQ rules and automation of DQ remediation process.
Leverage ML for data mastering, matching and linking to create master data assets and golden records.
Assign role-based access to the data catalog where users can see all data that’s available but requires an approval before viewing details and data previews.

Reduce Risk and Ensure Compliance
with Governance Throughout the Data Supply Chain

See exactly what’s happened to data over time with detailed lineage.
Automatically tokenize and mask sensitive and control data access to ensure security.
Add an approval process for provisioning data for an extra layer of security

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