Consumption that Enables
Winning Analyst Plays

Shop for data through a data marketplace experience and add it to your shopping cart.

arena components

Browse the Data Marketplace and
Prepare Your Data Right Away

Data marketplace experience lets users shop for data in the catalog and add data to a shopping cart for provisioning.
Rule-based Data Quality engine for custom business DQ rules and automation of DQ remediation process.
Analysts enrich, tag, and recommend metadata for new insights and AI enablement

No Need to Wait for IT,
Provision Your Data in a Few Easy Clicks

Accelerate analytics and control compute costs with self-service sandboxes that combine selected data with preferred BI tools
Self-Service Data Provisioning Quickly provision data through a few clicks to the target of your choice
Data Provisioning Requests Add an approval request feature during the provisioning stage for an extra layer of security

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