Making the Business Case for Automated Data Governance

Data Governance is a critical component to ensuring a company is compliant with privacy laws and regulations alongside providing their data citizens with secure self-service access to trusted and quality data. Often, data governance processes are not automated, creating a challenge for data environments to scale as data increases.

Whether companies know it or not, there is a growing need to automate data governance processes. Though it is easier said than done, beginning to implement such automation is a real challenge for companies as they are unsure how to measure the performance benchmark of their current governance practices or how to improve governance already in place.

Zaloni®’s Vice President of Engineering, Ashwin Nayak, explores the best practices along with his firsthand experience on how companies can and why they should begin to automate governance at scale through modern technologies and machine learning. Ashwin dives into the importance of a data platform as it offers the technologies and tools necessary to establish machine learning automation for all data governance processes. With governance automated, organizations can scale through secure self-service access to trusted, clean data that drives data-driven decisions accelerates analytics, and measure the effectiveness of data governance programs.

After watching this presentation, you should be able to answer the following:

  • How and when governance should fit into data platform initiatives and the overall digital transformation journey of the company.
  • Know what metrics an organization should care about when it comes to governance.
  • What the role of governance is within an organization based on data privacy, policy, and compliance.

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