Zaloni Data Platform + AWS

Operationalize your data lake in the cloud

Integrated data management and governance for your cloud-based data lake

Together Zaloni and AWS can deliver the benefits of a production-grade data lake while leveraging the agility and scalability of the cloud. Only Zaloni provides a data lake management platform that integrates data ingestion, cataloging, metadata management, workflow automation, privacy, security and self-service.

The Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) is a unified solution for the data management and governance you need to be successful with big data. The platform provides the following benefits:

  • Agile data lake deployment using native AWS components
  • A unified platform for everyone who touches the data
  • Central management of all enterprise data sources regardless of location: cloud or hybrid
  • Cataloging and metadata management to ensure appropriate governance of data including lineage, masking, tokenization, data quality and lifecycle management
  • Automation of repeatable management tasks and processes
  • Reduction in total cost of ownership across infrastructure, data, and labor
Building a Governed Data Lake with the Zaloni Data Platform for AWS

Zaloni’s Integrated Data Platform

The Zaloni Data Platform (ZDP) sits above your storage and compute layers to manage and govern the data, wherever it resides in your environment, providing consistency across cloud or hybrid environments. ZDP provides self-service capabilities for your business users and can feed any BI or visualization tool in your library.


AWS Data Lake Platform Components

The following diagram shows the Zaloni and AWS components found in each layer of your data lake from ingestion to consumption.

How to Use Microservices to Build a Data Lake on AWS

Webinar: Microservices and cloud data lake architecture

Building a managed data lake on AWS requires a robust and scalable technical architecture. Sabby Gupta, a solution architect at Zaloni, describes a how a microservice architecture is used during the build process and why it is ideal for building decoupled, agile, and automatable data lake applications on AWS.

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