AWS Data Governance

With the Concourse package of the Zaloni Arena DataOps platform

Purpose-built data governance to compliment AWS Glue, Amazon S3, and AWS Lake Formation services


Key benefits of Zaloni Arena for
AWS Data Governance

Unified & Transparent

Search and discover data to build a rich catalog of technical and business metadata across AWS accounts and environments.

Automated Stewardship

Search and discover data to build a rich catalog of technical and business metadata across AWS accounts and environments.

Trusted & Secure

Deliver high quality, trusted data with data profiling, data quality and data provisioning capabilities.

Operational Excellence

Integrate deeply with AWS native services for a seamless, SaaS data governance experience.

Key Features

Connect and discover data across multiple AWS Accounts to build a centralized business data catalog

Zaloni Arena Data Discovery

Leverage business and organizational metadata to quickly search and find the right data set

Zaloni Arena Business Metadata Catalog

Easily profile data to improve decision-making related to data quality and governance policies

Zaloni Arena Data Profiling

Innovative data shopping cart that allows users to select and provision data to custom sandboxes

Zaloni Arena Data Marketplace

Easily maintain and apply centralized and consistent data quality rules to ensure accurate data is available for driving business decisions

Zaloni Arena Quality

Drive consistent understanding of metadata by adding business context through business glossaries

Zaloni Arena Business Glossary

Organize and deliver secured data to consumers by obfuscating sensitive data

Zaloni Arena Tokenization and Masking

End-to-end lineage view with detailed visualizations alongside business and operational metadata captured from AWS Compute Services such as Glue and EMR

Zaloni Arena Data Lineage

Reduce time to insights by enabling self service data access requests and by automating provisioning of access policies

Zaloni Arena Access Request Management
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Reduce Data complexity with Zaloni Arena

Reduce Data complexity

Ensure Data quality with Zaloni Arena

Ensure Data quality

Improve data visibility with Zaloni Arena

Improve data visibility

Typical AWS Data Governance
use cases for Zaloni Arena

Technical Use Cases
  • Multiple Account Management/Visibility
  • Cataloging Business Metadata
  • Ensuring Data Quality and Integrity
  • Data Security, Privacy and Regulatory Compliance
  • Data Access Request Management
Business Use Cases
  • Data Marketplace with Self-Service Data Access
  • Customer Data Protection
  • Data Sharing and Collaboration
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Zaloni Arena for
AWS Data Governance

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Zaloni Arena AWS Data Governance
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