Data Lake in a Box

Deploy an analytics-ready data lake in 8 weeks

Improve your time to productivity with this all-in-one solution for an analytics-ready data lake. Zaloni Data Lake in a Box is the easiest and most cost-effective way to implement a data lake. We supply all the software, integration and expertise you need for data ingestion, data management and data governance so that you can derive value from your data, faster.

Zaloni’s Data Lake in a Box includes:

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In addition, the solution is extensible and can integrate with additional or legacy data management components and applications as needed to extend the data lake beyond Hadoop and provide transparency into siloed data systems, legacy databases and hybrid architectures.

Customers see immediate results from the Zaloni platform

customer quote mobileZaloni Bedrock allows us to be more resource efficient, delivering 4 times as much functionality in half the time.

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The key to balancing data access with data governance

Key to successfully leveraging big data for competitive advantage, Zaloni Data Lake in a Box helps enterprises balance the priorities of IT – governance, control and data management – with the priorities of business users – easy access, speed and flexibility. With Zaloni Data Lake in a Box, you can significantly reduce time to insight and quickly see a return on your investment.


Operationalizing data lakes has proven much harder and taken much longer than most enterprises would want. This process typically involves manually cobbling together a large number of disparate tools, and then trying to support that mess going forwards. Zaloni integrates all the essential capabilities and best practices and packages them up, delivering quality and productivity right out of the box.


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