Turnkey Data Lake

Get a modern data architecture in no time!

Turnkey and ready for advanced analytics in 8 weeks – in the cloud or on-premises

Digital and data-driven businesses require a modern data platform, but, today, building a data lake from the ground up that will also scale can be a difficult and time-consuming process, not to mention resource-intensive. Zaloni believes that enterprise-grade data operations and self-service are key differentiators for any business, and it can be achieved at a fraction of the time and cost of building one yourself.

A turnkey data lake from Zaloni is the easiest and most cost-effective way to implement a production-ready data lake that delivers value to the business quickly. We provide the platform, integration and expertise you need for data ingestion, data management and data governance so that you can derive value from your data, faster.

The solution includes:


In addition, the solution is extensible and can be deployed in cloud, hybrid or on-premises environments and can integrate with traditional data management components and applications. The solution also provides transparency into siloed data systems, databases and hybrid or multi-cloud architectures.

The Time for Self-Service Data Is Now

customer quote mobileThese days, we can’t put off turning our companies into digital businesses. Fortunately, we have all the ingredients we need with integrated data platforms like Zaloni’s that span public and private environments, and data governance that works. Now is the time to enable our business colleagues with self-service data.”

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A turnkey data lake provides the key to balancing data access and data governance

This solution does more than make your data lake production ready – it will support your leading-edge strategy to align data managers and data consumers.

Balance the priorities of IT – governance, control and data management – with the priorities of the business – easy access, speed and flexibility. With Zaloni’s turnkey data lake, you can significantly reduce time to insight and quickly see a return on your investment.

Turnkey Data Lake Solution Overview
Cloud-Based Data Lake for a Next Generation Data Platform

Get a next-generation data architecture with a turnkey data lake

With Zaloni’s turnkey solutions, a leading Pharmaceutical
company was able to migrate their warehouse data to the cloud and build a next-level data lake in the cloud, which provided a governed enterprise-wide data platform.

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