Managed Data Lakes: The Foundational Fabric of the New Health Ecosystem

Managed data lakes have become the foundation for today’s data-driven healthcare as an increasing number of healthcare organizations maintain fast-growing repositories of data. This paper highlights some of the healthcare use cases that are enabled or optimized through the establishment of a managed data lake.

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Understanding Metadata Book

This book examines why metadata is essential for managing, migrating, accessing, and deploying any big data solution. Authors Federico Castanedo and Scott Gidley dive into the specifics of analyzing metadata for keeping track of your data—where it comes from, where it’s located, and how it’s being used—so you can provide safeguards and reduce risk. In the process, you’ll learn about methods for automating metadata capture.

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Webinar – Everyone is a Stakeholder in a Data-Driven Enterprise

Building a Modern Data Architecture Pt. 2 – Zaloni Zip

Raj Nadipalli, Director of Professional Services discusses the key components you need to build a new data lake architecture in this follow-up video.

Eckerson Report: Big Data Management Software for the Data-Driven Enterprise

In this report, Dave Wells, Research Analyst with Eckerson Group, explains how big data management software spans the data lifecycle, supporting data profiling, transformation, enrichment, cleansing, matching and other functions. He also explains how these platforms support the needs of various stakeholders and roles in the data lifecycle.

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Metadata Management and Transient Clusters – Zaloni Zip

Field Engineer Parth Patel discusses how enterprises can leverage transient clusters for cost-savings while maintaining their metadata.

Presentation – Cloud Computing and Big Data

Ben Sharma outlines some popular cloud-based use cases to illustrate the basic concepts in big data management and explore how big data intersects with cloud computing in this presentation at Strata + Hadoop World 2016.

Presentation – Building a Modern Data Architecture

Ben Sharma offers lessons learned from the field to get you started with your data architecture. If you are concerned with building a data architecture that will serve you now and scale for the future, this is a must-see presentation from Strata + Hadoop World 2016.

Data Lineage – Zaloni Zip

Director of Field Engineering, Adam Diaz discusses data lineage and how important understanding how data has traversed the data lake from ingestion through transformations.

Webinar – Managing Big Data in the Bedrock Data Lake Management Platform

Adam Diaz, Director of Field Engineering will demonstrate how the Bedrock platform can run as a data federation layer that makes it easy to organize and manage data, regardless of volume, across their enterprise data architecture.

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Data Quality – Zaloni Zip

Director of Field Engineering, Adam Diaz discusses the process of separating good data from bad data.

Data Lake Management Platform Demo

Register to see this 20-minute, self-paced video demonstration of how the Zaloni Data Lake Management Platform minimizes the complexities of data lake management and governance to deliver the most valuable data to business users.

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Why Your Data Warehouse Needs a Data Lake and How to Make Them Work Together White Paper

Managed data lakes provide the flexibility, scalability and agility required by enterprises to manage the volume, types, and real-time availability of data that is generated today. In this white paper, learn how complementing your existing enterprise data warehouse with a data lake can be a smart first step for your company.

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Microservices – Zaloni Zip

Field Engineer, Aashish Majethia shows how microservices can enable, orchestrate and govern a Hadoop infrastructure.

Managed Ingestion – Zaloni Zip

Adam Diaz, Director of Field Engineering explains managed ingestion in a data lake.

Data Warehouse Architecture – Zaloni Zip

Raj Nadipalli, Director of Professional Services, explains data warehouse architecture.

Elements of Data Lifecycle Management – Zaloni Zip

Parth Patel, Zaloni Field Engineer, explains the data lifecycle management process.

Webinar – Understanding Metadata: Why it’s essential to your big data solution and how to manage it well

Ben Sharma, Zaloni’s Co-founder and CEO and Vikram Sreekanti Software Engineer at AMPLab UC Berkeley, discuss the value of collecting and analyzing metadata, and its potential to impact your big data solution and your business.

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Data Marketplace Solution Brief

data marketplace solution brief thumbnail

Should businesses have a centralized or decentralized analytics structure? Today’s situation is a bit different – with powerful big data management and self-service data preparation solutions, enterprises might be correct to anticipate having the best of both worlds.

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Interview: The Next Generation Data Lake

Scott Gidley, VP Product, is interviewed at the Zaloni booth during the Strata + Hadoop World NYC, 2016. He discusses the next generation data lake.

Webinar – Data Warehouse Augmentation: Cut Costs, Increase Power

Pradeep Varadan, Verizon’s Wireline OSS Data Science Lead and Scott Gidley, Zaloni’s VP, Product Management, discuss the benefits of augmenting your DW with a data lake. They also address how migrating to a data lake allows you to efficiently exploit original raw data of all types for data exploration and new use cases.

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Interview: Data Lake 360 Solution

Kelly Schupp, VP of Marketing, talks about Zaloni’s progress this year, including highlights from their Data Lake 360 solution and enabling data usage. She also discusses what she hopes to see in Zaloni’s future.

Interview: Data Lake Quality

Tony Fisher, SVP Strategy and Business Development and Kelly Schupp, VP Marketing, sit down with Dan Vellante and Peter Burris on theCUBE during Strata + Hadoop World New York. They discuss Big Data and the drive to improve the standard quality of data lakes.

Data Lake 360 Solution Video

Get to know the Data Lake 360 Solution from Zaloni to discover a unified, holistic approach to data lake management and governance.

The Zaloni Story – CED Tech Venture Conference 2016

Ben Sharma is featured as one of the groundbreaking entrepreneurs and tech visionaries at the CED Tech Venture Conference 2016. He shares the story about Zaloni and what’s in the future for the growing company.

Webinar – Techniques to Achieve Data Quality and Security

Join Ben Sharma, Zaloni’s Co-founder and CEO, to learn techniques that allow you to balance the flexibility a data lake can provide, with the requirements for privacy and security that are critical for enterprise data.

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Webinar – Data Lake Management: Lifecycle of Data

Join Gus Horn, NetApp’s Senior Global Consulting Engineer and Scott Gidley, Zaloni’s VP, Product Management, as they discuss effective data lake lifecycle management and data architecture modernization. This webinar will address the best ways to achieve new levels of data insight and how to get superior value from your data.

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Data Lake 360° for Financial Services

data lake 360 financial services thumbnail

Learn more about how the Zaloni Data Lake 360 solution addresses the challenges of managing and governing big data for financial services organizations.

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Webinar: The 360-Degree Approach to Managing a Data Lake

Join Adam Diaz, Director of Field Engineering, for a discussion about how our Data Lake 360 Solution reduces the complexity of creating a modern, integrated big data architecture for advanced analytics and data science. A demo of the latest versions of Bedrock and Mica will be provided.

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Webinar: Risky Business – Balance Innovation and Risk in Big Data

Join ESG’s Senior Big Data Analyst, Nik Rouda, and Zaloni’s Vice President of Product, Scott Gidley, for a discussion on how to find that balance between the lofty promises of big data and the mundane necessities of building a data lake environment that delivers business value.

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Defining the Data Lake White Paper

As the variety and volume of data continues to grow, data lakes are an emerging and powerful architectural approach, especially as enterprises turn to mobile, cloud-based applications, and the Internet of Things (IoT) as right-time delivery mediums for big data. In this white paper, learn more about data lakes and their common use cases.

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Data Lake 360 White Paper

Data Lake 360 white paper thumbnail image

Enterprises today generate and have access to huge volumes of data from a multitude of sources. Whereas businesses used to consider their data primarily a cost, requiring funding for ever-increasing amounts of storage, now most enterprises consider their data an asset — and are looking for new ways to leverage it for competitive advantages or to improve their bottom line. Learn more about the benefits of shifting to a modern approach to data management and governance.

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Data Lake 360 Solution Brief

Data Lake 360 solution brief thumbnail image

Zaloni’s Data Lake 360° solution helps you navigate the complexity of creating a modern, integrated big data architecture for advanced analytics and data science. We provide you with a well-managed data lake that is governable and that you can grow over time.

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Fundamentals of Deep Learning

Fundamentals of Deep Learning Cover Image

With the reinvigoration of neural networks in the 2000s, deep learning has become an extremely active area of research that is paving the way for modern machine learning. This book uses exposition and examples to help you understand major concepts in this complicated field.

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Dive Into the Data Lake to Address Risk Data Aggregation and Risk Reporting

Zaloni RDARR white paper image

After the 2008 global financial crisis, it was determined that banks’ existing information technology and data architectures couldn’t support the data aggregation and reporting needed to effectively manage financial risk. Learn more about managing data lakes to effectively meet BCBS 239 requirements for risk data aggregation and risk reporting (RDARR).

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ESG Economic Study of Bedrock: Quantifying the Value of Enterprise Data Lake Management

ESG Economic Value Validation Report Enterprise Data Lake Management

Organizations are rapidly adopting Hadoop as the foundational technology for building data lakes. However, as many organizations have found, the data lake can quickly result in a quagmire if enterprise-grade tools to manage the data pipeline are not in place.

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Ovum Fireside Chat: Governing the Data Lake – Understanding What’s in There

During this fireside chat, Tony Baer and Scott Gidley, VP of Product Management at Zaloni assess the state of the industry regarding governance and data management tools, technologies, and practices that should fall into place as part of a data lake strategy.

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Data Science Services Brief

Data science is the art and science of creating business value from big data. For today’s enterprises, data science is critical for creating competitive advantage, such as improving operational efficiencies or developing new products and services. However, developing and nurturing data science capabilities within an organization can be challenging. In our Data Science Services Brief, learn more about Zaloni’s expertise with helping enterprises turn big ideas into data science projects that quickly deliver value.

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Mica Product Brief

Mica provides the on-ramp for self-service data discovery, curation, and governance of data in the data lake. Mica provides business users with an enterprise-wide data catalog through which to discover data sets, interact with them and derive real business insights.

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Is Spark Hadoop’s Friend or Foe?

Giga OM Webinar Thumb

Recently, there’s been discussion, even some confusion, around the relationship between Hadoop and Spark. Although they’re both big data frameworks with many similarities, they are not one in the same – and are in fact complimentary in an enterprise environment. During the webinar, we’ll revisit the value that Spark brings to enterprise computing and deconstruct the “Spark vs. Hadoop” argument.

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Interview: Trends and Use Cases in Data Lake Management

Ben Sharma, CEO and Tony Fisher, SVP of Business Development and Strategy at Zaloni, spoke with Jeff Frick and George Gilbert on theCUBE during Strata + Hadoop World 2016 in San Jose. During the interview, Ben Sharma and Tony Fisher gave an update on Zaloni and describe various use cases and trends they are seeing in the market.

Architecting Data Lakes: Data Management Architectures for Advanced Business Use Cases

Architecting DAta Lakes cover image

In this free ebook, Architecting Data Lakes: Data Management Architectures for Advanced Business Use Cases, data experts, Ben Sharma and Alice LaPlante, provide best practices associated with building and maintaining data lakes that provide a scalable, one-stop-shop for extracting insights and value from data.

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451 Fireside Chat: The Reality of an End-to-End Data Lake

Giga OM Webinar Thumb

The reality of building effective, scalable, big data enterprise solutions can be daunting. There are so many elements to consider, and no pre-written playbook to follow. But there are more best practices being recognized every day, and value realized by those organizations that are moving boldly ahead. We invite you to join us for a fireside chat with Matt Aslett, Big Data Research Director of 451 Research and Ben Sharma, thought leader and CEO of Zaloni. During this fireside chat we will discuss what it means to create an end-to-end data lake.

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Targeted Health Informatics with Managed Data Lakes

Giga OM Webinar Thumb

Coordinating data across all points of contact – clinical, claims and pharmacy – is critical to providing coordinated care. Outcome-based reimbursement, population health management and personalized medicine all rely on accurate and actionable data intelligence. Healthcare organizations need to have a Big Data solution in place that provides actionable intelligence to those who need it, when they need it. During this webinar we will talk about how foundational platforms, such as Bedrock, make an actionable data lake a reality for healthcare organizations.

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Data Warehouse Augmentation Solution Brief

Save millions and enable faster time to insight. In this solution brief, learn more about how augmenting a traditional data architecture with a data lake enables companies to save on storage and process costs to get more value from their data warehouse.

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The O’Reilly Podcast: Approaching Big Data from a Business Perspective

In this episode of the O’Reilly Podcast, O’Reilly’s Ben Lorica sat down with Ben Sharma, CEO and co-founder of Zaloni, an organization that provides enterprise data lake management solutions. They discussed real-time data processing, the changing nature of data, sentiment analysis, and the trend toward combining cloud with on-prem infrastructures.

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Hybrid Data Architectures: Unified Hadoop Data Management — From Ground-to-Cloud

webinar thumbnail

Ben Lorica (O’Reilly Chief Data Scientist) and Ben Sharma (Zaloni CEO) discuss how an increasing number of organizations are embracing cloud to provide a more agile, flexible, cost-effective enterprise data management environment. Most are creating hybrid environments that couple cloud and on premise instances of data storage and compute. During this webcast they will look at the difference between deploying and building big data applications on premise, in the Cloud, or in a Cloud-to-ground hybrid architecture.

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Data Analytics with Hadoop: O’Reilly Ebook Preview

Data Analytics Hadoop Thumbnail

If you’re a data scientist ready to tackle statistical and machine learning techniques across large data sets, this practical guide provides a solid introduction to the world of clustered computing and analytics with Hadoop. Instead of deployment, operations, or software development, this book focuses on particular analyses you can build, the data warehousing techniques that Hadoop provides, and the higher order data workflows it can produce.

In the first two chapters you will learn how data is transforming business and society and Hadoop as an operating system for big data.

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Telecommunications Solution Brief

A critical step that operators must take when creating a Hadoop data lake is implementing a robust data lake management platform. Already in production with service providers worldwide, Zaloni’s BedrockTM is the industry’s only fully integrated data lake management platform. Bedrock makes it easy to ingest, organize, enrich and extract data.

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CED Tech Venture Conference Presentation – Kelly Schupp

Kelly Schupp, VP of Marketing at Zaloni, presenting at the 2015 CED Tech Venture Conference.

Product Overview: Automating Data Lake Management Tasks

To realize value from big data and its powerful but ever-changing ecosystem, you need enterprise-grade data management. Bedrock is the only fully-integrated, data lake management platform that provides visibility, governance, and reliability. By simplifying and automating common data management tasks, you can focus your time and resources on building the insights and analytics that drive your business.

Interview: Ben Sharma Announces the Launch of Mica

TheCUBE co-hosts John Furrier and George Gilbert interview Zaloni CEO and Co-founder Ben Sharma during Strata + Hadoop World 2015 in New York City. Ben Sharma announces the launch of Mica and discusses Mica’s focus on business users who want to get value out of the data, regardless of if they are business analysts or data scientists.

Solution Showcase: Data Lake Management

Solutions showcase presentation at Strata + Hadoop World New York 2015 by Craig Lukasik.

Hadoop Data Lake Trends and Predictions

Screen Shot 2016-01-18 at 11.34.41 AM

2015 was an important year in cementing Hadoop as a core part of an enterprise data management strategy. And Hadoop Data Lakes have proven to be the “go to” repositories for innovative Big Data use cases. As 2015 draws to a close, join us for a discussion on the current state of Hadoop Data Lakes as well as hear our predictions for 2016.

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Ground to Cloud Solution Brief

Building a data lake in the cloud allows companies to create a federated Hadoop data management platform spanning on-premise and cloud-based computing across the enterprise. Nirvana is the ability for companies to confidently use the cloud as a Hadoop data lake for core use cases that couldn’t be previously considered due to security concerns.

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Ovum on the Radar Report


Leading industry analyst group, Ovum, has featured Zaloni in its On the Radar series. The report, titled On the Radar: Zaloni develops tooling for managing the data lake, discusses Zaloni’s Bedrock and Mica Platforms for managing the data lake. It is a valuable read for anyone looking for additional info on building and managing a data lake, and seeking an outside viewpoint on the company and its solutions.

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Governance of the Big Data Lake with a focus on RDARR for Financial Services

webinar thumbnail
Discover Data Lake Governance Best Practices with experts Sunil Soares and Ben Sharma. During this webcast they discuss a few key areas relating to Governance of the Big Data Lake with a specific focus on RDARR:


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Managing the Data Lake: Moving to Big Data Analysis

Managing the Data Lake Thumbnail

In the ebook Managing the Data Lake: Moving to Big Data Analysis, Andy Oram of O’Reilly explores why companies are moving to Hadoop, and some of the common challenges organizations face, so that you can anticipate them and put solutions in place before you find yourself overwhelmed.

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Giga OM Webinar

Giga OM Webinar Thumb

In the new world of “data lakes,” where raw data is collected for subsequent discovery and analysis, lies the task of managed data ingestion. While data lakes may dispense with the ultra-formality of an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW), data quality is nonetheless crucial. Users may like informal access to data, but they don’t want data that’s dirty or inaccurate. If the data lake is polluted, then it will also be stagnant, from disuse.

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Managing the Data Lake: Creating Actionable Insights and Value

An increasing number of organizations maintain fast-growing repositories of data, commonly known as Data Lakes. A Hadoop-based Data Lake holds promise of being the ultimate one-stop-shop for extracting insights and value from data. But if it’s not built and managed with the big picture in mind, instead of a data lake, you could end up with a data swamp.

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Bedrock Product Brief

Bedrock Product Brief

Zaloni’s Bedrock is the industry’s only fully integrated date lake management platform. By simplifying and automating common data management tasks you can focus your time and resources building the insights and analytics that drive your business.

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451 Research Impact Report: Bedrock

451 Research Report Bedrock Thumb

451 Research Analyst, and Big Data expert, Matt Aslett, discusses how Bedrock fills a much needed gap in Hadoop data lake management.

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Realizing The Promise of a Data Lake

Realizing the Promise of a Data Lake

Mainstream production deployments of data lakes in industries as varied as retail, health care and financial services are becoming more and more common, and many are encouraged by their early successes and lured by the promise of transforming big data into real, actionable insights for the business. But the full promise of the data lake continues to elude many organizations. The key to success lies in deploying a data lake that is scalable, flexible, and cost-effective while introducing some of the data management and governance rigor of the traditional EDW.

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451 Research Impact Report: Zaloni Expands Purview

Research Report Thumb - Zaloni Expands...

Zaloni launched Bedrock Data Management Platform at the end of 2013 to tackle the issue of data management and data governance in relation Hadoop-based ‘data lakes’ from the bottom up. The company has now added another product to its portfolio, the Mica self-service data preparation offering, to also tackle the issue from the top down.

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Mica Overview

Mica self-service data preparation solution for Analytics. Mica provides the on-ramp for self-service data discovery, curation, and governance. Mica provides business users with the needed tools for interactive and visual data preparation. Mica leverages Bedrock for the data organization, metadata management, and operationalizing the execution of logic on the Hadoop cluster.

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Bedrock Overview

To realize value from an enterprise data lake and the powerful, but ever-changing big data ecosystem, you need an enterprise-grade data management solution. Zaloni’s Bedrock is the industry’s only fully integrated data lake management platform. By simplifying and automating common data management tasks you can focus your time and resources on building the insights and analytics that drive your business.

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