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Self-Service Data Preparation

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Mica is self-service data preparation software for discovery, curation, and governance of data in the data lake. Mica provides business users with an enterprise-wide data catalog through which to discover data sets, interact with them and derive real business insights.

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Enterprise-wide data lake catalog

Mica provides an enterprise-wide data lake catalog that makes it easy to explore and search for datasets. Users can see sample data to ensure they are interacting with the right data set. Users can curate data by adding valuable business information to entities that improve search and usage.

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Self-service data preparation

Mica provides business users with the needed tools for interactive and visual data preparation. With Mica you can transform data to reduce preparation time and interact with sample data in the data lake to detect patterns and outliers.


Operationalize transformations

Integration with the Bedrock Data Lake Management Platform allows you to operationalize transformations with the click of a button so that they can run on new data automatically. Mica leverages Bedrock for the data organization, metadata management and execution of logic on the Hadoop cluster. When Mica and Bedrock are leveraged together, one plus one equals three.

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Get to know how our data lake management platform supports self-service data preparation.

Mica: Self-service Data Preparation

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Creating a Data Marketplace

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